PMP Mail Archive: Re: PMP> prtAlertTime

PMP Mail Archive: Re: PMP> prtAlertTime

Re: PMP> prtAlertTime

Randy Turner (
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 11:19:27 -0700

If the system is unable to report the current time, then it could just
'sysUptime" from MIB-II (which is mandatory BTW).


Bob Pentecost wrote:

> I have two items. The first is the need for clarification and the
> second is
> an editorial matter.
> When the object prtAlertTime was changed to a mandatory object,
> there was
> some discussion as to the value that would be returned if the device
> was
> unable to report the time. It was agreed that there was a way to
> report
> "Unknown" but no one knew the value. What is the value and should
> that be
> added to the MIB? (Note: Please don't restart the discussion about
> whether
> or not the device should know the time.)
> On page 56:
> prtAlertTime (Optional) the value of sysUpTime
> at
> the time of the removal of the
> binary
> change event from the alert
> table.
> Since this is no longer an optional object, "(Optional)" should be
> removed.