PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Agenda for Tuesday's Conference Call

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Agenda for Tuesday's Conference Call

PMP> Agenda for Tuesday's Conference Call

Lloyd Young (
28 Apr 97 15:22:52 EDT

Information for this conference call

Date: Tuesday April 29nd
Time: 4:00 EDT (1:00 PDT, 2:00 MDT, 3:00 CDT)
Phone #: 423-673-6717
Access code: 820010
Duration: 2 hours

Items marked by % in following are uncompleted action items
from April 22nd conference call.

Matt proposed wording changes for 1, 3, and 4.
What do we want to do with 2 (no change proposed) and
4 (any change necessary)?

1. Matt King - Unary and Binary alert table event management.

2. Matt King - Clarify that subunit status for hrDeviceStatus should
not indicate down if the interface is not installed.

3. Matt King - Clarify that (0) in prtChannelCurrentJobCntlLangIndex
and prtChannelDefaultPageDescLangIndex means do not have one.

4. Matt King - Clarify what constitutes a config change in

5. Bill Wagner - Clarify what prtInterpreterFeedAddressability means.


1. Top 25 Alert Conditions
Chuck Adams has submitted a proposed write-up.
% Bob Pentecost to provide comments to Off-Line alert.

2. RFC1213 references in Printer MIB
Ron Bergman will look at evolution of the interfaces group (RFC1573) and
provide a comparison to the Interfaces group of RFC1213 which our MIB is
based on.
% Ron Bergman to draft new text that refers to IANA registry.

3. Should PDF type be included?
Chuck Adams will make proposal to add type-2 enum for PDF.
** Chuck has done this - any comments?

4. Should the phone:, fax: and email: tags be used in non 8-bit environments?
non-English environments?
Current localization will be modified to say it should also apply to other
r/w octet strings. - Randy
% Randy to review Ira's proposal and make recommendation.

5. Invalid MAX-ACCESS clause on prtAlertIndex [Ira McDonald 3/18/97]
Harry Lewis will address backward compatible issue with Ira and try to
get clarification. Sounds like SNMPv1 MANDATED prtAlertIndex as not
accessible and SNMPv2 MANDATES accessible-for-notify. Lack of backward
compatibility! This object is in var bind list for the trap, it's still
not accessible where it's defined in the MIB, so today's products should
be ok. Perhaps this is just a documentation issue. - Harry, Ira.
% Ira posted proposal for v1/v2 compatibility (Comments).

For brevity sakes, I am listing the name of the person and the date and
subject of their e-mail raising the proposed change. With this information,
you should be able to find the proposed change and follow any discussion
regarding this change.

1. Scott Isaacson 4/16/97 Novell Channel Type Info
% Scott to submit new proposal
2. Bob Pentecost 4/17/97 prtAlertTime
% Randy to clarify prtAlertTime description
3. Chris Wellens 4/17/97 Traps - new info
10. Harry Lewis 4/18/97 Alert Alert
% Randy to propose a change

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