PMP Mail Archive: PMP> DMTF / CIM -- Printer vendor participation?

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> DMTF / CIM -- Printer vendor participation?

PMP> DMTF / CIM -- Printer vendor participation?

Farrell, Lee (
Mon, 28 Apr 1997 11:56:26 -0700

In case anyone is interested...

The DMTF just had their annual conference last week. A major
development that they have been pursuing is the development of a "Common
Information Model" (CIM) that defines a framework for facilitating the
management of objects over the network.

An aggressive schedule (July 31!) has been set to complete the next
phase of work for the CIM in 5 separate areas:
1) Applications/Software
2) Network
3) Device
4) System
5) Database

Each of five Working Groups plans to meet 5-6 times between now and the
end of July, with periodic teleconferences between meetings. One of the
goals for the working groups is to refine the common schema for their
respective area. Another goal is to create a "mapping" of existing
management schemes (MIFs and MIBs, for example) into the Common
Information Model.

I attended the Device Working Group kickoff meeting. Because I wasn't
familiar with the content of the Printer MIF, I asked about coordination
with the Printer MIB. I did not get very warm feelings that this would
be high on their priority list. However, the leader of the group
requested me to encourage anyone from the PWG to participate with the
DMTF activity. He felt that the DMTF could benefit from printer-related

So, if anyone is interested -- please contact John Keith:


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