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PMP Mail Archive: Re: PMP> Persent/On/Off

Re: PMP> Persent/On/Off

Gail Songer (
Mon, 19 May 1997 15:43:42 -0700


I find this very similar in flavor to a duplexor. If a duplexor is installed
then, in some implementations, the printer inserts 2 rows into the media path
table, one for duplexLongEdge and one for duplexShortEdge. If the user turns
duplexing "ON" from the front panel, then one of the two duplex rows is chosen
as the default media path. If duplexing is "OFF" then the simplex is chosen as
the dafault. If duplexing is turned "OFF", a pdl may still request it, and if
it is "ON, a PDL may choose not to use it.

Using the above at a template, I would say that your ON/OFF varaible should
report the default mode of the option with the understanding that the PDL can
request a different mode if the option is present.


On May 19, 5:00pm, Harry Lewis wrote:
> Subject: PMP> Persent/On/Off
> When an object has syntax Present/On/Off, it can either be NotPresent, On, or
> Off - right? So what if it is
> present but neither on or off. I'm thinking of the offset stacker feature on
> printer. It can be present but activated by PDL control. In this case, is the
> default ON (as in if the PDL asks for jog it works) or OFF (as in jogging is
> available, but not automatic)? Can anyone share implementation experience in
> this area?
> Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems
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