PMP Mail Archive: PMP> MIB typos?

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> MIB typos?

PMP> MIB typos?

Bob Pentecost (
Thu, 26 Jun 1997 16:33:09 -0600

I was looking at the Printer MIB and came across what appears to be a =
cut and paste error.

prtLocalizationIndex OBJECT-TYPE
SYNTAX Integer32 (1..65535)
MAX-ACCESS not-accessible
STATUS current
"A unique value used by the printer to identify this
localization entry. Although these values may change due to a
major reconfiguration of the device (e.g., the addition of new
Cover sub-units to the printer), values are expected to remain
stable across successive printer power cycles."

The "e.g., " refers to " the addition of new Cover sub-units to the =
printer". I'd be quite surprised that adding covers will cause more =
localization entries! How about something along the lines of "the =
addition of new localization code to the printer."

Also, Ira mentioned today that his printers have the ability to have =
localizations added. Ira, is that done while the printer is online? HP =
printers allow localizations to be added via a ROM SIMM, so it is =
powered down for the addition. If the printer does it live, then most of =
the "DESCRIPTION" should be deleted.