PMP Mail Archive: Re: PMP> PrtInterpreterLangFamilyTC - New Enums

PMP Mail Archive: Re: PMP> PrtInterpreterLangFamilyTC - New Enums

Re: PMP> PrtInterpreterLangFamilyTC - New Enums

JK Martin (
Mon, 30 Jun 1997 20:05:14 -0400 (EDT)


Hopefully the PWG can accomodate Jeff's request *before* the final
draft goes out.

Can I suggest that you post a "call for objections" to this request,
with a deadline of, say, one week? If no substantive objections are
raised by that time (and it is unlikely that any will arise), then
a new Type 2 enum can be assigned to this new interpreter type.


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From: Jeff Rackowitz <>
To: PMP <>
Cc: Lloyd Young <>
Subject: PMP> PrtInterpreterLangFamilyTC - New Enums
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 97 16:50:00 PDT
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The following is a list of interpreter languages that I would like to be
added to the PrtInterpreterLangFamilyTC object in the new Printer MIB
document. Since this object is a type 2 enumeration, It is required that I
receive approval from the Printer Working Group (PWG).

Lloyd Young suggested that I submit this request to the PMP List Server.

Please add the following enumeration's to the PrtInterpreterLangFamilyTC

langIPL(tbd #), -- Intermec Printer Language (IPL)
-- Intermec Corporation
langFingerprint(tbd #), -- United Barcode Industries (UBI)
langDirectProtocol(tbd #), -- United Barcode Industries (UBI)

Jeff Rackowitz
Intermec Corp.

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