PMP Mail Archive: PMP> TOMORROW - Last day for Printer MIB comments

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> TOMORROW - Last day for Printer MIB comments

PMP> TOMORROW - Last day for Printer MIB comments

Ira Mcdonald x10962 (
Wed, 2 Jul 1997 08:18:56 PDT

Hi folks, Wednesday (2 July 1997)

No doubt Lloyd will remind us all. But I thought I'd point out that
TOMORROW (3 July 1997) is the LAST day for comments from PWG members
on the latest Printer MIB draft (25 June 1997). If you have found any
editorial problems, please take a moment to write them down and send
them out to the mailing list (return address of this note).

- Ira McDonald (outside consultant at Xerox)
High North Inc
PO Box 221
Grand Marais, MI 49839
>------------------ Lloyd's note from 25 June 1997 --------------------<
>Date: Wed, 25 Jun 1997 12:25:47 PDT
>Subject: PMP> New Printer MIB draft
>The "Final" Printer MIB draft has been uploaded to the PWG FTP
>The proposed schedule for submitting this as our final Internet
>Draft is:
> Comments from Printer MIB working group members by 7/3
> Draft submitted to IETF 7/7
>I recognize this is a tight schedule but we are running a few
>weeks behind our original proposed schedule and I do not want
>to lose any more time than is absolutely necessary.
>This draft has been run through various MIB compilers and
>compiles cleanly.
>I have included the list of proposed changes to be made in this
>draft. The action that was taken on each proposed change is
>highlighted by **.
>1. Top 21 Printer Conditions
>** Added as appendix.
>2. Bob Pentecost raised an issue in e-mail dated 4/17/97
>on prtAlertTime.
>** No changes
>3. Harry Lewis raised an issue in e-mail dated 4/18/97
>on Alert Alert.
>** No changes
>4. Ira McDonald's proposal on localization.
>** Changes have been made.
>5. Jay Martin proposed a change on 4/30/97 in some e-mail
>that did not make it into the new draft. I'll copy the
>proposed changes here:
> Section Sub-unit Status
> The subsection of "On-line" has "Intended" twice.
> The subsection of "Transitioning" has the line "At intended state";
> this should change to "At current state". The succeeding line
> says "Transitioning to intended state", but this might be OK as is.
> The MIB section defining "PrtSubUnitStatusTC"
> Exactly the same edits as above.
>** Further editing done in this area.
>6. The new section that Ron Bergman wrote on Interface Types is
>currently Section 3.5.
>** Section moved to Section 3.3.1.
>7. Significant contributors list lacks recent contributors.
>** List expanded.
>8. On page 18 of the current draft there is a definition for Busy /
>Temporarily Unavailable which appears as part of the same paragraph
>for the definition of Unavailable. I believe this should be removed
>since there is a second definition for Busy on page 19. I thought we
>had agreed to this previously.
>** Corrected.
>9. The table on page 19 has 'Normal' as the first entry. I thought we had
>agreed to change the first entry from 'Normal' to 'Idle'. There is no
>definition for 'Normal' but there IS a definition for 'Idle'.
>** Corrected.
>10. There are many instances of text formatting problems (line wraps and
>indentations) in the draft.
>** Corrected.
>11. If coverOpened and coverClosed are duplicated, one of them should have
>their name changed and the 501 and 502 values should be noted as
>** 501 and 502 values have been added as deprecated values.
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