PMP Mail Archive: PMP> TIFF-F

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> TIFF-F

Mon, 21 Jul 1997 16:19:29 -0400

I am having a little problem understanding the requirement
for adding the TIFF-F enum to printer languages. The
original request was to add:

langTIFF_F (47) -- the Tagged Image File Format adopted for
fax (TIFF-F) by ietf_fax working group
and specified in the ietf draft
published by them

Is or will TIFF_F be a printer language or merely a data type?
We added PDF to printer languages because it is a part of PostScipt
Level 3. Will TIFF_F be a part of some other printer language?

My present reaction to this is that it is premature to add this
enum because things do not appear to be settled enough to add
this right now. However I could be completely wrong and simply
need it explained to me.
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