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PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Active vs. Busy

PMP> Active vs. Busy
Mon, 21 Jul 1997 13:24:50 -0400

I am running a little behind on handling my PMP mail but I
thought this had been cleared up when we clarified the
definitions of Active and Busy. The current defintions of
Active and Busy are:

Active - The printer or subunit is performing its primary

Busy - The printer or subunit is performing a function (not
necessarily its primary function) and is not immediately
available for its primary function.

Applying these definitions to an input tray, I would say that an
input tray is Available and Active when it is actively feeding
paper (its primary function) and is available to receive more
paper feed commands. An input tray would be Available and Busy
when it is performing some other function (such as raising an
elevator tray if it is an high capacity tray) and is available
to receive paper feed commands.

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Subject: PMP> Active vs. Busy

I thought we had tried to remove this distinction... but I see it is
still part of the PrtSubUnitStatueTC. So a sub-unit can be Available
and Busy or Available and Active. Does anyone know what the distinction is?
In general, if I'm building a printer with 3 input trays and the printer
is printing... picking from tray 1... what should be the status or each
tray (subuint)?
Tray 1 - Available and Active
Tray 2 - Available and Idle
Tray 3 - Available and Idle
Is this the perceived design goal? What if a printer is less capable of
detecting this granularity and, when any printing is going on all 3 trays
reflect Available and Active or Available and Busy? Is this considered to
be a correct implementation?
Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems