PMP Mail Archive: Re: PMP> Revised proposal on definition of OCTET STRING to allow

PMP Mail Archive: Re: PMP> Revised proposal on definition of OCTET STRING to allow

Re: PMP> Revised proposal on definition of OCTET STRING to allow
Mon, 21 Jul 1997 17:34:49 PST

> I have heard no objects to the main thrust of my suggestion
> to allow additional characters in code positions 128-255
> for objects of syntax OCTET STRING, as long as code positions
> 32-126 remained US-ASCII. The discussion has been about
> prtChannelInformation (which I have removed from this proposal).
> There has been no objections to changing the new object:
> prtGeneralPrinterName from DisplayString to OCTET STRING either.
> I assume that silence means acceptance on the main thrust
> of the proposal????

Tom, I'm sorry, but I just don't think in this case you can fudge "no
answer" to mean "I agree" -- "not at home" or "sick of the topic" are at
least as likely. What seems apparent (to me at least) is that this
topic isn't getting the scrutiny it needs for comfort.

After I talked with you this morning, I also talked with Chris Wellens
(about the prtChannelInformation issues). She and Lloyd are trying to
tie off the "last" of the MIB issues on a very tight schedule (24 hours
if I understood correctly).

I also (1) went back and read Chris's e-mail concerning localization,
and (2) read over RFC 2130 and the SYSAPPL MIB draft. And I think what
Chris said in her note is to the point -- that the localization issue
goes beyond the Printer MIB, that a good solution will have a broader
scope than the Printer MIB, and there is good reason to believe that
such a solution will be forthcoming. (My paraphrase, Chris, hope it's

I think right now is a very good time to NOT try to fix the unresolved
localization issues. And I'm concerned the Printer Working Group is NOT
a very good forum for trying to resolve them. (Witness, for instance,
the lack of involvement in the topic.) Now that leaves the MIB with
some loose ends -- deficiencies or problems, some would say. (Hey, I'm
even thinking of some changes I'd make to prtChannelInformation if I had
it to do over again!)

I'm prepared to turn a blind eye to the problems in the short term, let
Chris and Lloyd meet their deadline, and work on fixing them in the
longer term. And it's my guess that this is closer to the consensus (of
the silent members of the group ;-) than concurrence with your

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