PMP Mail Archive: Re[2]: PMP> Localization conclusion - prtGeneralPrinterName

PMP Mail Archive: Re[2]: PMP> Localization conclusion - prtGeneralPrinterName

Re[2]: PMP> Localization conclusion - prtGeneralPrinterName

Bill Wagner (
Thu, 24 Jul 1997 15:00:55 -0400


I assume you mean from Display String to OCTET STRING.

I also took Lloyd's request to just apply to the specific question of
prtGeneralPrinterName, seeking perhaps to get agreement on some
peripheral items first. I agree with you Tom that the MIB is broken
(chipped) here and it should be addressed.

The Lexmark response suggests that UTF8 will not break their
implementation. I suspect that the same is true for HP???

Therefore, it would appear that David's suggestion may both bring the
MIB in line with existing implementation while accommodating
internationalization needs (although perhaps not in as flexible a way
as some may desire). It appears to do this with minimum impact on the

Bill Wagner, Osicom/DPI

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Subject: Re: PMP> Localization conclusion - prtGeneralPrinterName
Author: Tom Hastings <> at Internet
Date: 7/24/97 11:05 AM

I agree with changing prtGeneralPrinterName from OCTET STRING to

I'm checking with Asian people to see whether
a length of 63 octets is ok for Kanji printer names that might
take 3 or 4 octets in UTF-8 for each Kanji character).

I disagree with terminating the other discussion (see previous reply).


At 08:15 07/24/97 PDT, wrote:
>Chris and I are bringing the localization discussion to
>conclusion. There have been some side proposals that have
>come up from time to time, I wanted to separate these out
>to see if we have consensus on these proposed changes. One
>of the side proposals was to change the syntax of the
>prtGeneralPrinterName from DisplayString to OCTET STRING.
>If we want to make this change, I would propose the size
>be (0 to 63). I have checked with our networking people
>and this size covers all operating systems that we are
>aware of.
>I know most of us are tried of reading about localization
>and answering questions about localization. The only
>answer I want back from this note is "I agree" or
>"I disagree". Please leave the subject line as stated so
>I can easily count the votes.
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