PMP Mail Archive: PMP> FWD: Web site L10n announcement

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> FWD: Web site L10n announcement

PMP> FWD: Web site L10n announcement

Harry Lewis (
Fri, 25 Jul 1997 16:38:23 -0400

Web sites can also have robust servers with plenty of MIPs and storage ...
unlike many devices with SNMP agents which are only meant to *augment* the
device in
terms of management and/or configuration... not bring the device to it's knees
trying to satisfy every possible combination of human-machine interaction
the entire globe!

When we developed the Printer MIB we were conservative with our use of
localization because we recognized that it further burdens the agent which is
most likely sharing inseparable resources with the device itself. Now, I wonder
if the purpose of the printer MIB isn't being overshadowed by trying to make
sure every aspect of the MIB is localized!

I know Tom was only providing a "cool" example, I'm not criticizing this. But I
think this example can really straighten out our perspective regarding where and
when full localization makes sense (or doesn't). Note that even the referenced
Web Site has only a SUBSET internationalized!

Harry Lewis - individual

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Subject: PMP> FWD: Web site L10n announcement

While web sites aren't MIBs and web sites use HTML, not SNMP, this might
be interesting for some about what localization can do.


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>From: John White <>
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>Subject: Web site L10n announcement
>I'm pleased to announce the results of one of my recent projects, which
>you'll find at Stac Inc.'s home page, <>.
>Stac's Internet Marketing Team and I have localized and published a subset
>of the web site in
> French
> German
> Latin American Spanish
> Brazilian Portuguese
> Japanese (link to partner's site).
>The goals of the project were to:
> provide international marketing support for the sales teams in
>these markets;
> improve the online offering for overseas customers and prospects;
> gain leverage from already existing translations of datasheets.
>As a result, prospects in at least 15 countries can now obtain, IN THEIR
>OWN LANGUAGE, information about Stac's products and where to buy them.
>And THAT is what ".com" is all about...
>John White
>International Project and Marketing Management