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PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Re: IPP> MIME-types and alignment

PMP> Re: IPP> MIME-types and alignment

Harry Lewis (
Tue, 19 Aug 1997 19:40:10 -0400

Someone wrote:

> Earlier i tried to get TIFF-F (for fax) included in the printer
> mib but did not get much support.
> /al

I don't recall the TIFF-F request, but, if someone has a PDL to
register as a type-2 enum with the Printer MIB, it should require
very little effort and should not meet with a great deal of

For example,the following requests from Jeff Rackowitz were readily

langIntermecIPL(56), -- Intermec Printer Language for label printers.
-- Technical Manual: "IPL Programmers Reference
-- Manual",
-- Intermec Corporation
langUBIFingerprint(57), -- An intelligent basic-like programming
-- language for label printers.
-- Reference Manual: "UBI Fingerprint
-- 7.1", No. 1-960434-00
-- United Barcode Industries
langUBIDirectProtocol(58), -- An intelligent control language for
-- label printers.
-- Programmers guide: " UBI Direct
-- Protocol", No. 1-960419-00
-- United Barcode Industries

The Printer MIB type-2 enum process is meant to assure adequate information
during registration and to possibly filter redundancy... not to reject
legitimate requests.

I searched the PMP archives and could not find a reference to your request
for TIFF-F. Perhaps you should re-submit it, using the sample, above, as
a template.

Harry Lewis