PMP Mail Archive: Re: PMP> Printer MIB status

PMP Mail Archive: Re: PMP> Printer MIB status

Re: PMP> Printer MIB status

Harry Lewis (
Fri, 12 Dec 1997 18:53:23 -0500

I don't have a problem waiting 'till after the Holidays to bug anyone o=
this... but I think it's time to ask HOW LONG MUST WE WAIT!!!??? Could =
be FOREVER! I made a proposal in October to move away from the hrMIB. I=
think I
will seriously consider strengthening this proposal if something doesn'=
t happen
early '98. I think the fact that the Printer MIB is in suspended animat=
blocked by the hrMIB should be evidence enough for the IETF to accept t=
hat fact
that the binding is an unfortunate mistake and encourage a plan to corr=
ect this
by a group that IS ACTIVE!

Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems on 12/12/97 04:18:57 AM
Please respond to @ internet
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Subject: Re: PMP> Printer MIB status

I wanted to answer Harry's question on the status of the
Printer MIB. The Printer MIB did not have an involvement in
recent concluded IETF meeting. Our status is that we are still
waiting on the Host Resources MIB to be advanced to Draft
Standard status. The IETF rules state that the Printer MIB
cannot advance to Draft Standard until after the Host Resources
MIB is at Draft Standard status. The Host Resources MIB work
is occurring at a snails pace. They are working on it but not
as fast as Chris or I would like. Chris and I think we have done
everything that we need to do to advance forward so we have made
a request to Harald and Keith that the Printer MIB be allowed to
advance to Draft Standard without the Host Resources MIB. So far
we have not heard anything back from them. We'll give them a week
or so more to respond before bugging them again.
Lloyd Young