PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Last Call on Printer MIB v2

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Last Call on Printer MIB v2

PMP> Last Call on Printer MIB v2

Ira Mcdonald x10962 (
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 17:13:56 PST

Hi folks, Friday (20 March 1998)

Note that Lloyd Young (co-chair of Printer MIB Working Group) started a
working group 'last call' on the latest Printer MIB v2 draft yesterday
(see his note below, with URLs). As a courtesy to the working group
members I'm forwarding his note with an obvious subject line. Although
Lloyd didn't state a time period for the 'last call', a two-week period
is customary in IETF chartered working groups (and the IPP and JMP teams
have recently used two-week working group 'last calls'), so I suggest
that this Printer MIB 'last call' should close on Thursday (2 April).

As Lloyd notes below, the updated Host Resources MIB in SMIv2 was posted
last week (thanks to Jay Martin for bringing this to our attention):

This MIB is an straight rewrite of the original Host Resources MIB (RFC
1514) in SMIv2, except that the 'hrPrinterDetectedErrorState' bits were
added (as requested by the PWG). I sent some comments and questions to
Bobby Krupczak (editor) and learned that Bobby has done this work as an
individual contribution, with the approval of Harald Alvestrand, but the
HR MIB Working Group has NOT been reconvened. Bobby said, in a note to
me, that the idea is to move the HR MIB along the Internet 'standards
track' quickly, "sufficient independent implemementation experience
exists (that is, there are several independent implementations) and we
wanted to push it forward without major changes."

- Ira McDonald (High North)
>Date: Thu, 19 Mar 1998 11:33:17 PST
>Subject: PMP> Latest Printer MIB draft
>I have made the NMSReset change to the Printer MIB that was
>discussed in Austin. The latest revisions are:
>The TXT file is for those who cannot read PDF files. The
>CHANGES.PDF file has revision marks by the changes that I made.
>I am not sure that I have ever done a formal two week last call
>for changes to the Printer MIB document. Let this e-mail serve
>as the last call. The Host Resources MIB has been published as
>an Internet Draft and I want to be ready at a moments notice
>to start pushing the Printer MIB forward as soon as something
>happens to the HR MIB.
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