PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Last Call Observations

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Last Call Observations

PMP> Last Call Observations

Harry Lewis (
Thu, 2 Apr 1998 16:59:57 -0500

I guess I've been so delighted with finally getting the HR MIB updated =
I've fallen asleep at the switch on a couple resulting changes to the P=
MIB. Somehow, I can't make my way to the PWG ftp server right now, so I=
have a text copy of the latest version of the MIB to actual edit these =
into, but I want to get my observations out on the wire ASAP since last=
call is
close to finishing.

1. There are two places in the printer MIB which should undergo editori=
change based on acceptance of the hrPrinterDetectedErrorState changes b=
y HR

a. Printer MIB section (Host Resources MIB Printer Status)
should have the explanation of hrPrinterDetectedErrorState bits expande=
d to
reflect the changes to the HR MIB.
b. The "Top 25" table (Appendix E - Overall Printer Status Table)
should be updated to reflect these new bits, also.

2. My other observation is that, I thought we had agreed the "Top 25" t=
able was
practically useless as presented in Appendix E text and there was a mot=
ion, at
least, to remove the text and insert a pointer to the actual LANDSCAPE =
on the PWG server. I still feel this would benefit anyone trying to use=

3. Upon closer examination of the "Top 25" table, I believe some inform=
was dropped in the migration from source landscape document to "squozen=
" text.
Looking at the PDF version, anyway, there are two sentences inserted in=
to the
table, if you will, one that distinguishes Critical Errors and one for
Non-critical. I can't determine how this information mapped to the text=

version. It appears it may have just fallen out. Again, rather than try=
patch this, I'd prefer a pointer to the landscape PDF.

I will be happy to edit these changes... or supply Randy or whoever wit=
h more
detailed information. I just wanted to get these "last call" comments o=
n the
wire ASAP! Now I can be counted as another one who came out from under =
rocks during last call ;-)

Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems