PMP Mail Archive: RE: PMP> Last Call Observations

PMP Mail Archive: RE: PMP> Last Call Observations

RE: PMP> Last Call Observations

Turner, Randy (
Thu, 2 Apr 1998 16:14:34 -0800

Lloyd and/or Chris will be handling any further (hopefully minor)
editorial changes to the current MIB my opinion, I would
say we submit the thing as is and see what happens....just my $0.02


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From: Harry Lewis []
Sent: Thursday, April 02, 1998 2:00 PM
Subject: PMP> Last Call Observations

I guess I've been so delighted with finally getting the HR MIB
updated that
I've fallen asleep at the switch on a couple resulting changes
to the Printer
MIB. Somehow, I can't make my way to the PWG ftp server right
now, so I don't
have a text copy of the latest version of the MIB to actual edit
these changes
into, but I want to get my observations out on the wire ASAP
since last call is
close to finishing.

1. There are two places in the printer MIB which should undergo
change based on acceptance of the hrPrinterDetectedErrorState
changes by HR

a. Printer MIB section (Host Resources MIB Printer
should have the explanation of hrPrinterDetectedErrorState bits
expanded to
reflect the changes to the HR MIB.
b. The "Top 25" table (Appendix E - Overall Printer Status
should be updated to reflect these new bits, also.

2. My other observation is that, I thought we had agreed the
"Top 25" table was
practically useless as presented in Appendix E text and there
was a motion, at
least, to remove the text and insert a pointer to the actual
LANDSCAPE document
on the PWG server. I still feel this would benefit anyone trying
to use this

3. Upon closer examination of the "Top 25" table, I believe some
was dropped in the migration from source landscape document to
"squozen" text.
Looking at the PDF version, anyway, there are two sentences
inserted into the
table, if you will, one that distinguishes Critical Errors and
one for
Non-critical. I can't determine how this information mapped to
the text
version. It appears it may have just fallen out. Again, rather
than try to
patch this, I'd prefer a pointer to the landscape PDF.

I will be happy to edit these changes... or supply Randy or
whoever with more
detailed information. I just wanted to get these "last call"
comments on the
wire ASAP! Now I can be counted as another one who came out from
under the
rocks during last call ;-)

Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems