PMP Mail Archive: Re: PMP> Printer MIB to follow new PWG process?

PMP Mail Archive: Re: PMP> Printer MIB to follow new PWG process?

Re: PMP> Printer MIB to follow new PWG process?

Tom Hastings (
Fri, 3 Jul 1998 14:52:49 PDT


I see I wasn't very clear about my proposal to follow the new PWG process.
My subject line was certainly mis-leading too. It should have been:

PMP> Printer MIB enum registration to follow new PWG process?

I was not suggesting that we vote on the Printer MIB draft and get
Formal Approval of that. I agree that would be out of order.

I was only suggesting that the enum registrations follow the new PWG process
for enum registration and have a Formal Approvement, not the Printer MIB
document itself.

So I was suggesting that at the PWG meeting next week during the PMP
status, we could just take a Formal Approval vote on the registration
of the new enums that the Finisher MIB needs. It should take about a
minute. We've done the Last Call according to the new PWG process.


At 10:09 07/02/98 PDT, wrote:
>This is in response to Tom's question about whether the
>Printer MIB should follow the new PWG process. My simple
>answer is no. The Printer MIB is in a semi-dormant state
>waiting on the HR MIB to progress to IETF Draft Standard.
>I am willing to perform minor edits and corrections to the
>document as things come up. I do not see the value in sending
>the Printer MIB through a new process in its final stages.
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At 13:06 6/30/98 PDT, Tom Hastings wrote:
>Lets follow our new PWG Process (just posted in /pub/pwg/general).
>We've now past the Last Call and need the Formal Approval step.
>Currently Formal Approval is a vote by organization. It can be conducted
>either at a meeting or on the PMP mailing list (after announcement
>on the PWG-ANNOUNCE mailing list).
>Since the meeting is coming up we could do the vote during the Printer MIB
>status section of the PWG meeting. On the other hand, since the
>Printer MIB WG is fairly dormant, we might want to take the vote on the
>mailing list. Ron's and/or Lloyd's call, I think.
>At 08:19 6/29/98 PDT, Ron Bergman wrote:
>>The last call for comments on the additional Printer MIB enums has expired.
>>The following changes for the Finisher MIB will be added.
>>1. Alert Group enumerations:
>>-- This value is a type 1 enumeration for values in the range
>>-- 1 to 29.
>>-- Values of 30 and greater are type 2 enumerations and are
>>-- for use in other MIBs that augment tables in the Printer
>>-- MIB. Therefore, other MIBs may assign alert codes of 30 or
>>-- higher to use the alert table from the Printer MIB without
>>-- requiring revising and re-publishing this document.
>> STATUS current
>> "The type of sub-unit within the printer model that this
>> alert is related. Input, output, and markers are
>> examples of printer model groups, i.e., examples of
>> types of sub-units. Wherever possible, these
>> enumerations match the sub-identifier that identifies
>> the relevant table in the printer MIB.
>> NOTE: Alert type codes have been added for the host
>> resources MIB storage table and device table. These
>> additional types are for situations in which the
>> printer's storage and device objects
>> must generate alerts (and possibly traps for critical
>> alerts)."
>> other(1),
>> hostResourcesMIBStorageTable(3),
>> hostResourcesMIBDeviceTable(4),
>> generalPrinter(5),
>> cover(6),
>> localization(7),
>> input(8),
>> output(9),
>> marker(10),
>> markerSupplies(11),
>> markerColorant(12),
>> mediaPath(13),
>> channel(14),
>> interpreter(15),
>> consoleDisplayBuffer(16),
>> consoleLights(17),
>> alert(18),
>> -- Values for Finisher MIB
>> finDevice(30),
>> finSupply(31),
>> finSupplyMediaInput(32),
>> finAttributeTable(33)
>> -- End of values for Finisher MIB
>> }
>>2. Marker Supplies Type enumerations:
>>PrtMarkerSuppliesTypeTC ::= TEXTUAL-CONVENTION
>>-- This is a type 3 enumeration
>> STATUS current
>> "The type of this supply."
>> other(1),
>> unknown(2),
>> toner(3),
>> wasteToner(4),
>> ink(5),
>> inkCartridge(6),
>> inkRibbon(7),
>> wasteInk(8),
>> opc(9), --photo conductor
>> developer(10),
>> fuserOil(11),
>> solidWax(12),
>> ribbonWax(13),
>> wasteWax(14),
>> fuser(15),
>> coronaWire(16),
>> fuserOilWick(17),
>> cleanerUnit(18),
>> fuserCleaningPad(19),
>> transferUnit(20),
>> tonerCartridge(21),
>> fuserOiler(22),
>> -- Values for Finisher MIB
>> water(23),
>> wasteWater(24),
>> glueWaterAdditive(25),
>> wastePaper(26),
>> bindingSupply(27),
>> bandingSupply(28),
>> stitchingWire(29),
>> shrinkWrap(30),
>> paperWrap(31),
>> staples(32),
>> inserts(33),
>> covers(34)
>> -- End of values for Finisher MIB
>> }
>> Ron Bergman
>> Dataproducts Corp.