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Thu, 6 Aug 1998 07:28:17 +0100

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Subject: Re: PMP> Re: COnfig Changes
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------ Forwarded by Lloyd Young on 08/06/98 12:28 AM ------

Lloyd Young
08/05/98 02:00 PM

Subject: Re: PMP> Re: COnfig Changes (Document link not converted)

There are two questions on the table:
1. Should these conditions be added to the FAQ on what constitues a
config change? They seem reasonably to me to be added to the list.
2. Should this list of conditions that cause a config change be an
"only" list or "at least" list? The answer to me should be "at least".

Unless I hear objections by Wednesday August 12th, I will tell Gail
to make the above changes to the FAQ.


Gail Songer <> on 08/04/98 11:14:11

cc: (bcc: Lloyd Young)
Subject: Re: PMP> Re: COnfig Changes


As keeper of the FAQ I am more than happy to add these variables
and have a new version ready to go as soon I hear the word.

The only comment that I have is that this was not intended to be a
complete list but was to give a flavor of the things that could cause
a config change. Should this intent change? Do we want to state ALL
those things that an ideal implementation would count as config
changes? Should the list be an "only" list or an "at least" list?


Ira Mcdonald x10962 wrote:

> I agree with Harry and Jay that all of these MIB variables should
> be added to what constitutes a config change
> Cheers,
> - Ira McDonald (High North Inc)
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> [Harry's note]
> From: Harry Lewis <>
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> Subject: PMP> COnfig Changes
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> There is a FAQ (#7) - that explains what constitutes a config change.
> We have some questions...
> 1) The following variables weren't included:
> prtGeneralInputDefaultIndex
> prtGeneralOutputDefaultIndex
> prtGeneralMarkerDefaultIndex
> prtGeneralMediaPathDefaultIndex
> This seems inconsistent with other listed 'default' settings --
> prtChannelDefaultPageDescLangIndex, prtInterpreterDefaultOrientation,
> prtInterpreterDefaultCharSetIn, prtInterpreterDefaultCharSetOut.
> 2) These variables were also not included but could be considered chang=
> es
> to the configuration although they do not effect operations.
> prtGeneralCurrentLocalization
> prtConsoleLocalization
> Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems
> =