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Tue, 28 Sep 1999 11:38:04


Your name was given to us by someone that thought you would be interested in CAD related large monitors and graphic printer-plotters, or hand-held personal
computers. If this memo is of no interest, please accept our apologies for the intrusion. You will not be disturbed again.

California Digital is a liquidator for many high-end computers manufacturers. All equipment is brand new in factory sealed boxes. We currently have several great
values to share with you:

The first is an IBM brand 21" color monitor with touch screen. The original IBM price was over $3,000. California Digital is currently advertising the
monitor in our printed flyer and WEB site at $995. Individuals receiving this E-mail advertisement may purchase this IBM 21" color monitor for only $859.
Additional information on this product may be found on our web site at:

Also available is a size "E" (48" by 36") graphic image printer and plotter, manufactured by Mutoh. The manufacturer's suggested retail price was
approximately $5,000. California Digital's current advertised price is $899. Individuals receiving this E-mail broadcast may purchase the plotter for only $819.
Additional information on this plotter may be located at:

Another great value is the Artec 8.5" by 14" color scanner. The original manufacturers retail price on the scanner was $595, our current advertised price is
$259. It is being offered to individuals receiving this E-mail broadcast for only $59 – a $200 savings off our advertised price. Technical details may be found at All items are subject to inventory on hand.

One last item of interest is the Fujitsu Poqet PC+ handheld palmtop computer. Word processing and other files created in the DOS based computer can be transferred to your desktop computer via a serial cable or by transferring the memory card from the Poqet to the desktop. The computers were manufactured
in 1993. They were used by a Fortune 500 company and since retired from service. At $129 each we expect a quick sell out. With the purchase of memory cards the price is reduced to $99. See details at

Also available are 2-Megabyte PCMCIA memory cards that operate with the Poqet PC+, Poqet PC Classic, HP95 and all other computers that require
S-RAM memory cards. The price is $59.

Other great values are available on our home page at Once current inventories are exhausted, California Digital will not be able
to acquire any additional units of the above items.

Once again, please accept our apologies for this intrusion, you will not be solicited again– but if you would like to be made aware of subsequent values, you may subscribe to our E-Mail broadcasts by forwarding your name E-mail address to:

Thank you for your indulgence.


Roger Johnson
Vice President, Marketing

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