PMP Mail Archive: RE: PMP> Requested change to HR MIB

PMP Mail Archive: RE: PMP> Requested change to HR MIB

RE: PMP> Requested change to HR MIB
Mon, 1 Nov 1999 13:44:31 -0800


I just came across the new draft of the hrMIB today

I also noticed the following text in the printer MIB draft on Page 21,

"Although the above mapping is workable, it would be improved with
a few additions to hrDeviceStatus and hrPrinterStatus in the Host
Resources MIB. In particular, it would be appropriate to add a
"standby" enumeration to hrDeviceStatus. Similarly, it would be
useful to add the following states to hrPrinterStatus: "offline"
to indicate that reason for the printer being down (instead of
having to use "other") which allows both "warning" and "offline"
to indicate going offline and "down" and "offline" to indicate
offline and "notApplicable" to cover cases, such as "standby",
where the device state completely describes the state of the
device. The suggestions and additions discussed above would
require re-convening of the Host Resources MIB working group and
a new draft issued prior to actual implementation of these
suggestions and/or additions."

I didn't notice any changes in the hrMIB that reflected the
changes mentioned above. Just thought I should bring this
up in case it was an oversight. It sounds like the committee
was looking for an opportunity to make modifications at the
time printer MIB was being written.

Hope this helps. Sorry for the late response.

Jeff Rackowitz
Intermec Technologies

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Sent: Monday, August 09, 1999 1:44 PM
Subject: PMP> Requested change to HR MIB

Please change the description of hrPrinterDetectedErrorState:

Original Text
Condition Bit # hrDeviceStatus

lowPaper 0 warning(3)
noPaper 1 down(5)
lowToner 2 warning(3)
noToner 3 down(5)
doorOpen 4 down(5)
jammed 5 down(5)
offline 6 down(5)
serviceRequested 7 warning(3)
inputTrayMissing 8 warning(3)
outputTrayMissing 9 warning(3)
markerSupplyMissing 10 warning(3)
outputNearFull 11 warning(3)
outputFull 12 warning(3)
inputTrayEmpty 13 warning(3)
overduePreventMaint 14 warning(3)

Revised Text
Condition Bit # hrDeviceStatus

lowPaper 0 warning(3) or down(5)
noPaper 1 warning(3) or down(5)
lowToner 2 warning(3) or down(5)
noToner 3 warning(3) or down(5)
doorOpen 4 warning(3) or down(5)
jammed 5 warning(3) or down(5)
offline 6 warning(3) or down(5)
serviceRequested 7 warning(3) or down(5)

inputTrayMissing 8 warning(3) or down(5)
outputTrayMissing 9 warning(3) or down(5)
markerSupplyMissing 10 warning(3) or down(5)
outputNearFull 11 warning(3) or down(5)
outputFull 12 warning(3) or down(5)
inputTrayEmpty 13 warning(3) or down(5)
overduePreventMaint 14 warning(3) or down(5)

Reason for change:
The original text would seem to require all printers to respond
identically in hrDeviceStatus on the same error condition. Reality
is that different printers respond differently on the same error
condition. What might be a warning in one printer may be a down
condition in another printer. Even within a printer a single error
condition might be a warning one time and a down condition another
time. For example, several printers support the linking of multiple
paper trays together to form one logical paper tray, when one of the
linked trays runs out of paper the printer will start feeding paper
from one of the other linked trays, the printer may report noPaper
but it is a warning condition because paper is being fed from
another tray.

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