PMP Mail Archive: PMP> TECHNICAL error in prtLocalizationLan

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> TECHNICAL error in prtLocalizationLan

PMP> TECHNICAL error in prtLocalizationLanguage in Printer MIB v2 [siz e is wrong]

From: McDonald, Ira (
Date: Thu Dec 28 2000 - 15:16:33 EST

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    Hi Folks,

    Here's a much more serious problem with Printer MIB v2 and
    Printer MIB v1 (RFC 1759).

    'prtLocalizationLanguage' has syntax 'OCTET STRING (SIZE (0..2))'.

    But ISO-639 (ISO language codes) has been revised. The new part
    ISO-639-2 now defines some THREE-character language codes (e.g.,
    'hwi' Hawaiian) WITHOUT corresponding TWO-character codes.
    There will be many more THREE-character language codes assigned
    in the future (the space was running out in TWO-character codes).

    So there are valid language tags that CANNOT be expressed with
    the Printer MIB. I suggest we expand the syntax to '(SIZE (0..3))'.

    RFC 1766 (Internet Language Tags) has been revised (partly for this
    problem) and is now in the RFC Editor's queue in final form in:


    - Ira McDonald, consulting architect at Sharp and Xerox
      High North Inc

    PS - So far, the equivalent problem doesn't seem to have arisen
    with respect to COUNTRY codes (ISO 3166), but it seems inevitable
    in the future. Perhaps we should just expand both of these objects
    to '(SIZE (0..8))' and fix the problem permanently?

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