PMP Mail Archive: RE: PMP> add device in host resource/mib

PMP Mail Archive: RE: PMP> add device in host resource/mib

RE: PMP> add device in host resource/mib

Date: Wed Aug 20 2003 - 13:53:58 EDT

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    Hi Jörg,

    Now I have a better understanding as to your configuration.

    I guess that the SNMP agent in Windows was purchased and the
    HR MIB supports the computer and possibly other devices in the
    computer. Is this correct?

    Have you also included the Printer MIB in the system by adding
    another DLL and using the existing SNMP agent?

    Have you assigned a unique hrDeviceIndex to the printer (i.e.
    plotter) in your Printer MIB?

            Ron Bergman
            Hitachi Printing Solutions America

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    Subject: AW: PMP> add device in host resource/mib

    > Hi Jörg,
    hey ron!

    thank you very much for your fast reply!

    > First, are you trying to build an SNMP Agent or Manager?
    we create an snmp agent

    > Then, does your Windows system already have this component
    > or are you creating this from scratch?
    (what do you mean with "scratch"?)
    the printer mib we built ourself and
    the host mib exists in the windowssystem (hostmib.dll).

    so we need an entry from system in the printer mib, or?

    > Any additional information as to what you are trying to
    > accomplish would certainly narrow the scope of discussion.
    we develop printerspooler software for plotter.
    these plotter are connected with a pc with our software.
    we want to made our software (and thereby the plotter) able to
    work with snmp as agent. or in other words: we want to present
    our software as printer in the printermib.
    (can you understand this, sorry for my bad english)

    i hope to enlarge the scope ;-)

    many thanx


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