PMP Mail Archive: AW: PMP> add device in host resource/mib

PMP Mail Archive: AW: PMP> add device in host resource/mib

AW: PMP> add device in host resource/mib

From: Jörg Geistmann (
Date: Thu Aug 21 2003 - 03:56:45 EDT

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    > Hi Jörg,
    good morning ron!

    > I guess that the SNMP agent in Windows was purchased and the
    > HR MIB supports the computer and possibly other devices in the
    > computer. Is this correct?
    yes, the HR MIB is supportet from the Windows SNMP Service about the
    windows agent hostmib.dll. This agent/dll create the mib tree, for example:
    host.hrDevice.hrDeviceTable.hrDeviceEntry.hrDeviceIndex.1 = 1
    host.hrDevice.hrDeviceTable.hrDeviceEntry.hrDeviceIndex.2 = 2
    host.hrDevice.hrDeviceTable.hrDeviceEntry.hrDeviceIndex.3 = 3
    host.hrDevice.hrDeviceTable.hrDeviceEntry.hrDeviceIndex.4 = 4
    host.hrDevice.hrDeviceTable.hrDeviceEntry.hrDeviceIndex.5 = 5
    host.hrDevice.hrDeviceTable.hrDeviceEntry.hrDeviceIndex.6 = 6
    host.hrDevice.hrDeviceTable.hrDeviceEntry.hrDeviceIndex.7 = 7
    host.hrDevice.hrDeviceTable.hrDeviceEntry.hrDeviceIndex.8 = 8
    host.hrDevice.hrDeviceTable.hrDeviceEntry.hrDeviceIndex.9 = 9
    host.hrDevice.hrDeviceTable.hrDeviceEntry.hrDeviceIndex.10 = 10
    host.hrDevice.hrDeviceTable.hrDeviceEntry.hrDeviceType.1 = OID:

    > Have you also included the Printer MIB in the system by adding
    > another DLL
    no there is no other printer MIB in the system (i think that can exist
    only one!) we want to develop our own printer mib dll.

    > and using the existing SNMP agent?
    yes we want to use the existing SNMP HOSTMIB agent dll.

    > Have you assigned a unique hrDeviceIndex to the printer (i.e.
    > plotter) in your Printer MIB?
    this ist exactly the problem! we need a unique hrDeviceIndex in the
    Printer MIB. And this unique Index comming from the Host Mib, isn´t it?

    i think we must install our "printer" IN A WAY(?) that the SNMP HOSTMIB
    agent dll identify this as a printer. and create for us the unique
    hrDeviceIndex. in our example case:
    host.hrDevice.hrDeviceTable.hrDeviceEntry.hrDeviceIndex.11 = 11
    host.hrDevice.hrDeviceTable.hrDeviceEntry.hrDeviceType.11 = OID:

    how can we do that the SNMP HOSTMIB agent dll work for us? :-)

    i am very interested in your answer!

    all the best

    jörg geistmann

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