PMP Mail Archive: RE: PMP> add device in host resource/mib

PMP Mail Archive: RE: PMP> add device in host resource/mib

RE: PMP> add device in host resource/mib

Date: Thu Aug 21 2003 - 11:05:34 EDT

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    Hi Jörg,

    The agent code provides the interface protocol between the external
    SNMP managers and the MIB. The MIB defines a data base of managed
    information relative to a device, software module, or any other
    entity to be managed. A MIB implementation defines the rules or
    procedures necessary to obtain or modify the entries (objects) in
    the data base.

    You need to use the SNMP agent already installed in Windows and
    integrate the printer MIB into that code. The details of this
    integration are very specific to the design of the agent.

    The value of hrDeviceIndex for the printer MIB instance corresponding
    to your plotter can be any value desired, as long as it is unique
    (i.e. does not conflict with any of the existing assignments).

    Hope this information helps.

            Ron Bergman
            Hitachi Printing Solutions America

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    > Hi Jörg,
    good morning ron!

    > I guess that the SNMP agent in Windows was purchased and the
    > HR MIB supports the computer and possibly other devices in the
    > computer. Is this correct?
    yes, the HR MIB is supportet from the Windows SNMP Service about the
    windows agent hostmib.dll. This agent/dll create the mib tree, for example:
    host.hrDevice.hrDeviceTable.hrDeviceEntry.hrDeviceIndex.1 = 1
    host.hrDevice.hrDeviceTable.hrDeviceEntry.hrDeviceIndex.2 = 2
    host.hrDevice.hrDeviceTable.hrDeviceEntry.hrDeviceIndex.3 = 3
    host.hrDevice.hrDeviceTable.hrDeviceEntry.hrDeviceIndex.4 = 4
    host.hrDevice.hrDeviceTable.hrDeviceEntry.hrDeviceIndex.5 = 5
    host.hrDevice.hrDeviceTable.hrDeviceEntry.hrDeviceIndex.6 = 6
    host.hrDevice.hrDeviceTable.hrDeviceEntry.hrDeviceIndex.7 = 7
    host.hrDevice.hrDeviceTable.hrDeviceEntry.hrDeviceIndex.8 = 8
    host.hrDevice.hrDeviceTable.hrDeviceEntry.hrDeviceIndex.9 = 9
    host.hrDevice.hrDeviceTable.hrDeviceEntry.hrDeviceIndex.10 = 10
    host.hrDevice.hrDeviceTable.hrDeviceEntry.hrDeviceType.1 = OID:

    > Have you also included the Printer MIB in the system by adding
    > another DLL
    no there is no other printer MIB in the system (i think that can exist
    only one!) we want to develop our own printer mib dll.

    > and using the existing SNMP agent?
    yes we want to use the existing SNMP HOSTMIB agent dll.

    > Have you assigned a unique hrDeviceIndex to the printer (i.e.
    > plotter) in your Printer MIB?
    this ist exactly the problem! we need a unique hrDeviceIndex in the
    Printer MIB. And this unique Index comming from the Host Mib, isn´t it?

    i think we must install our "printer" IN A WAY(?) that the SNMP HOSTMIB
    agent dll identify this as a printer. and create for us the unique
    hrDeviceIndex. in our example case:
    host.hrDevice.hrDeviceTable.hrDeviceEntry.hrDeviceIndex.11 = 11
    host.hrDevice.hrDeviceTable.hrDeviceEntry.hrDeviceType.11 = OID:

    how can we do that the SNMP HOSTMIB agent dll work for us? :-)

    i am very interested in your answer!

    all the best

    jörg geistmann

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