PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Minutes of Port MIB Review at April P

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Minutes of Port MIB Review at April P

PMP> Minutes of Port MIB Review at April PWG

From: McDonald, Ira (
Date: Thu Apr 14 2005 - 10:51:30 EDT

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    Hi, Thursday (14 April 2005)

    [Please send any comments/corrections to '' - thanks]



    Paul Danbold (Apple)
    Lee Farrell (Canon)
    Harry Lewis (IBM, PWG Chair)
    Jerry Thrasher (Lexmark)
    Craig Whittle (Sharp)
    other attendees in Tokyo (Jerry Thrasher to complete this list)
    * Ron Bergman (Ricoh, PMP WG Chair, co-editor)
    * Mike Fenelon (Microsoft, co-editor)
    * Ira McDonald (High North, co-editor)
    * Stuart Rowley (Kyocera)

    * = on telephone


    (1) Reviewed and approved PPM-1 and PPM-2 (Ron Bergman & Bill Wagner)
        - previous Last Call teleconference on 31 March 2005
        - see resolutions in Ira McDonald's email of 31 March 2005
          - see (A1) below

    (2) Reviewed and approved PPM-3, PPM-4, and PPM-5 (Bert Wijnen)
        - previous email discussion in early March 2005
        - see resolutions in Ira McDonald's email of 6 April 2005
          - see (A1) below

    (3) Assign 'enterprises pwg(2699) mibs(1) ppmMIB(2)' (Jerry Thrasher)
        - to register Port MIB in PWG-assigned ASN.1 OID space
          - see (A2) below

    (3) Request to restore ppmPortPrtChannelIndex (Paul Danbold - Apple)
        - to disambiguate (for example) Text vs Binary LPR channels
          - see (A3) below

    (4) Request to restore ppmPortDescription (Paul Danbold - Apple)
        - to support localized configuration info (but NOT port status)
          - see (A4) below

    (5) Discussed certification and interoperability testing
        - Testing Editor to coordinate tests and sanitize test results
          - see (A6) below
        - OS vendors (Microsoft, Apple, others) to develop test tools
          - see (A7) below
        - Printer vendors to perform self-testing and binary testing
          - see (A8) below
        - Interoperability test in July at PWG (hosted by Apple)
          - see (A9) below


    A1) Ira McDonald (co-editor) - editorial
        - write up body of document changes for PPM-1 to PPM-5
        - background, relationship to MIBs, internationalization, security
        - due: 20 April 2005

    A2) Jerry Thrasher (PWG Secretary) - housekeeping
        - assign the arc 'enterprises pwg(2699) mibs(1) ppmMIB(2)'
        - fix at (2) for near-term stability of test tools and prototypes
        - see Don Wright's previous document on PWG ASN.1 OID assignments
        - due: 1 May 2005

    A3) Ira McDonald (co-editor) - editorial
        - restore ppmPortPrtChannelIndex (Paul Danbold - Apple)
        - write up PPM-6 w/ rationale
        - due: 20 April 2005

    A4) Ira McDonald (co-editor) - editorial
        - restore ppmPortDescription (Paul Danbold - Apple)
        - write up PPM-7 w/ rationale
        - due: 20 April 2005

    A5) Printer Port Monitor MIB Editors - Last Call process
        - incorporate Last Call resolutions
        - issue final LCRC redline version of Port MIB
        - due: 31 May 2005

    A6) Craig Whittle (Testing Editor) - coordination of testing
        - develop test criteria, coordinate tests, sanitize test results
        - publish public summary after (A8) below
        - due: June/July 2005

    A7) OS Vendors (Microsoft, Apple, others) - certification testing
        - develop test criteria, develop test tools, certify printers
        - due: June/July 2005

    A8) Printer Vendors - certification testing
        - self-certify printers, report test results to Testing Editor
        - due: June/July 2005

    A9) Paul Danbold (Apple) - interoperability testing
        - host interoperability testing at PWG face-to-face in San Francisco
        - due: July 2005

    A10) PWG Secretary - Formal Approval process
        - issue Formal Approval clean version of Port MIB
        - announce Formal Approval
        - due: TBD - July after interoperability testing???

    - Ira (co-editor of Printer Port Monitor MIB)

    Ira McDonald (Musician / Software Architect)
    Blue Roof Music / High North Inc
    PO Box 221 Grand Marais, MI 49839
    phone: +1-906-494-2434

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