PMP Mail Archive: Where can I sign up?

PMP Mail Archive: Where can I sign up?

Where can I sign up?

Date: Sun May 15 2005 - 00:18:55 EDT

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    Here's a few questions for you:

    1. Are you having trouble finding people to joinup under you or
    buy from your new business?

    2. Can't promote won't promote?

    3. Wasting your time?

    4. Spending more money than you make from your business?

    5. Need joinups and or sales within a week or two?

    6. Internet marketing getting you down?

    7. Not making enough?

    8. Bought into a business that claimed was easy but now
    you have to promote it like mad?

    And now this is the simple answer:

    Send me an email to this address:
    Put "efgh" in the subject line and I will prepare and send you
    some exciting information to get all the levels below you filled
    in no time. It's DIY email-marketing in a simple hands-free
    style that will have your inbox overflowing with requests for
    details about your products/services/joinups and business.

    This will make it easy for you succeed but you have to do a bit
    of work yourself to make it really happen.

    Iíve been mkt'g on the net for over 96 months and have done
    extremely well for myself. I made over 2_million US$ in my last
    month of marketing which was a period when I scaled down due to
    my health, hence the reason why I am selling my valuable data

    During this time on the Internet I generated huge successful down
    lines and d'bases. In the end all I had to do to "make"
    was send an email to my targeted d'bases and watch the viral mkt'g
    action spread accross the web.

    These databases are my own proven records and they all contain
    details of people that have I have done business with or in turn
    they have.

    I am one of the successful mystery marketers that many of the biggest
    companies enrol into their own top level to rapidly populate other
    levels with a "explosive force". I have also created and operated
    huge aggressive email campaigns.

    I have been involved at the top of many of the largest m..l..m,
    network. mkt'g and other programs and have earned a lot.

    If you get a problem emailing me or get a bounced mail please call
    00.44. 7733 157828 or from the USA use 00 144 instead.

    If you want to request me to cancel any mail to you, please send me
    an email to:
    and it will cease from 72 hours. Put "stopit" in the subject line.

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