PMP Mail Archive: Is this the correct URL to sign under you?

PMP Mail Archive: Is this the correct URL to sign under you?

Is this the correct URL to sign under you?

Date: Mon May 16 2005 - 18:45:03 EDT

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    I have listed some of the almost guaranteed sign_up dat/abases
    below for your perusal together with the best possible prices.
    Please let me know by email or phone as soon as possible which
    ones you want as they won’t be available for long.

    I will not_sell my dat/abases to more than 500 people and each must
    have a totally different type of business to ensure each is as powerful
    as it was for me. So when you get a dat/abase from me you can be
    assured that no-one is going to have the same data as you for a
    remotely similar business.

    I have been marketing on the Internet for 96 months plus and done
    extremely well for myself. I joined many well known m/l/m and net/work
    market/ing businesses right at the top and generated huge successful
    down/lines and data/bases of highly active marketers.

    It took me years to build my data/bases and now each one is big and
    effective enough to easily deliver a seriously huge market/ing campaign
    with one click of your send button. Each data/base listed below, from my
    own experience, can deliver you anything up to 1250 join/ups within 4
    weeks and can double that within 7 weeks constantly increasing with
    every mailing you do.

    Once you have bought your data/bases I can help you set up your email
    copy for “high_impact” and also show you how to send them to get a 90%
    delivery rate and huge_response each and every time. I will do this once.

    I will also show you how to send all your emails to my data/bases without
    spam.ming them or getting one single complaint.

    Again from my experience, all my data/bases can start to deliver you
    requests, enquires and join ups in as little as a few days after you start
    delivering your promotional/emails.

    Each data/base in the list below can also, from my vast experience, deliver

    you up to 49 top_level market/ers and limitless buyers if you have a good
    product to sell them.

    Once Again from my experience, the “1250” join/ups will pay to sign/up in
    your business and also promote it to bring in, on average, up to 3
    each into your down line every 45 days approximately. These recruits will
    turn rec/ruit others into your down/line multiplying the numbers over and
    over in a quick vir/al affect.

    Additionally, each of my data/base’s “49” top level marketers should, to my

    years of experience with them, refer up to 74 additional ref/errals on top
    the others each month.

    My data/bases include some whole down/lines and people who have
    access to their own contacts, therefore additional sign/ups will come from
    both people’s existing contacts and from their own market/ing. The figures
    I have quoted do not include the ref/errals that can be brought in by
    people that you ref/erred and their ref/errals on other levels etc.

    You can place each of your sign/ups manually or simply send them to your
    web page and let them sign/up automatically. You can go as slow as you
    want or send everyone to your web page tomorrow.

    For the last few years all I have had to do to fill my businesses with,
    literally thousands of well established market/ers, team_builders and other

    people’s existing down/lines was to send a few email to my top contacts
    and then send an email to the rest of my lists. You can experience huge
    sales and join/ups to any offer you are mark/eting, just like I have done

    I made over “two mill/ion $USD” in just a couple of months of my final year
    of mark/eting which was a period when I scaled down due to my health.

    I was one of the "top/earners" that you hear about which many of the
    biggest companies enrol into the top of their system to rapidly populate
    levels and teach people how to market. For example, I have created and
    deployed the most aggressive rec/ruitment campaigns for some of the
    largest businesses that you may be involved with currently.

    I have always been at the top and earned off other people’s hard work.
    However because of my health I am selling my data/bases to a limited
    number of people on a first-come, first-served basis.

    You no longer have to market, pay to advertise, submit, promote or learn
    "how to do" anything ever again. This will definitely_revolutionise the
    way you work and make you succ/eed.

    I will not sell my data/bases to more than 500 people and each must have
    a totally different type of business to ensure every data/base is as
    as it was for me. So when you buy a data/base from me you can be
    assured that no-one is going to have the same as you for a similar

    If you are a list_broker I will not sell my data to you so, please don't

    Here is a list of my data/bases for businesses like yours:

    [1]. 442,000 records = targeted telecom (aff/iliates and customers or
    [2]. 419,300 records = targeted vit.amin and health (aff/iliates only)
    [3]. 390,400 records = targeted online pok/er, gam/bling and cas/ino
    (aff/iliates and customers/buyers/players/members)
    [4]. 212,050 records = targeted lott/ery (aff/iliates and customers or
    [5]. 189,300 records = targeted rand/omizer (aff/iliates)
    [6]. 200,500 records = targeted gif/ting programs (aff/iliates)
    [7]. 905,000 records = targeted (aff/iliates and customers or
    [8]. 372,800 records = targeted dou.bler (aff/iliates and customers)
    [9]. 980,000 records = targeted general m/l/m. (aff/iliates)
    [10]. 409,000 records = targeted travel (aff/iliates and customers)
    [11]. 348,000 records = targeted hosting/servers etc (customers and
    [12]. 320,500 records = targeted ISP related (aff/iliates and customers)
    [13]. 304,400 records = targeted investment (aff/iliates and customers)
    [14]. 440,000 records = targeted dental, health, legal US only (aff/iliates
    and customers)
    [15]. 385,000 records = targeted mortgage, finance (aff/iliates and
    [16]. 294,400 records = targeted charity (aff/iliates and customers)
    [17]. 325,500 records = targeted online malls&portals&stores (aff/iliates
    and customers)
    [18]. 695,000 records = targeted mainstream product and service
    mark/eters (aff/iliates and customers)
    [19]. 172,500 records = targeted specialised product and service
    mark/eters (aff/iliates and customers)
    [20]. 1,776,920 records = miscellaneous busi/ness_op/portunity,
    M/L/M, net/work_mark/eting/home_busi/ness (aff/iliates)

    All data/bases may contain some complete down/lines of aff/iliates from
    individual businesses in that category. I have more categories of
    simply email me with the category you want or the URL of the business you
    are prom/oting and if I have a data/base or can make one for your
    business I will tell you. Email me with “help needed” in subject line and
    category of data/base or URL of your site in the email body and I will
    assist you.


    You can choose any one (1) data/base for $199 USD any two (2) of them
    for $299 USD, any 4 for $399 USD, any 6 for $459 USD or all of them
    for $599 USD.

    >>>> Euro equivalent for any 1 = €165 Euros, for any 2 = Euro €240
    and for 4 = Euro €315 and for 6 = Euro €362 or ALL of them for = Euro
    €470 || GBP£ equivalent for any 1 ot them = £110, any 2 = £165 and for
    4 = £216 and for 6 = £250 or for ALL = £324. <<<<



    Please note I cannot sell you a data/base that has already been bought for your type of business if it has been bought by someone else for the same business. It is a case of first-come first-served.

    When you want to place an order please email me with the following details:

    The names of the data/bases you want from the above lists and your name and email address.

    Please send your order to ths email address: always use the subject line %ORDER%.

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---

    After you do this I will reserve your data/bases so no-one else can buy them and send you further contact details.

    Once you have spoken to me, if you need to, and are happy with the databases I will ask you to pay me. Your databases will be delivered in 1MB text, Excel or CSV files after we speak or and agree on payment terms.

    If you get a problem emailing me or get a bounced mail please call for an alternative email address to this recorded message line: 0044 77.33 15.78.28 or from the USA use 00 144 instead.

    If you want to request me to cancel any mail to you, please send me an email to: and it will cease from 72 hours. Put "stopit" in the subject line.



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