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PMP Mail Archive: About sign_ups

About sign_ups

Date: Thu Jul 28 2005 - 06:21:42 EDT

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    "I am getting fed a constant stream of
    qualified_leads by T.C.M. They deliver
    their claims and more. T.C.M. are
    showing me how to procure over 20
    sign/ups a week and teaching me how to
    long term pro.mote to generate a huge
    long-term in.come from my business_easily.
    T.C.M. are 'the men.tors'."

    [JM United States]

    "I bought a test d/base from them and have
    had over 50 solid responses so far and I
    only just started pro.moting a few days ago.
    T.C.M. are men.toring me to produce a
    minimum of 20 sign/ups a week for an all
    inclusive cost of 80USD. I am living it and
    loving it."

    [CM UK]

    "T.C.M. have given me_leads upon
    qualified_leads and are men.toring me as well.
    I am finally in with a no BS company that
    delivers. All this for 80USD."

    [AP Australia]

    Would you like to be our next testimonial?

    Re.moval instructs and contact email
    address is below.
    Everyone needs more business because "more
    business equals more_money".

    We can help you create 100% genuine
    interested customers and sign/ups by
    teaching you the skills, tips and tricks
    that 8 years of experience have built us.

    We will start by showing you how to generate
    a "pin point accurate" targeted audience from
    a test bed d/base that will give you 20
    paid_sign/ups quickly.

    Then we continually teach you week by week
    (without cost) how to cultivate and
    professionally to your growing
    audience to secure a guaranteed revolving 20
    a week sign/up rate.

    All you need to start is:

    Belief in us as men.tors
    Ability to send/receive/reply to an email
    A business to pro.mote
    80USD to buy a test bed d/base to start

    We are not a guaranteed sign/ups company but
    we do guarantee that we will show you how to
    get upto 20 paid_sign/ups a week within 8
    weeks of the day men.toring starts.

    It confuses me when I think about the
    predicament of most mark.eters on the 'net.
    They get rec.ruited into a business with
    "the hype" still ringing in their ears then
    when the mist clears and reality dawns find
    themselves unable to pro.mote and re.fer to
    actually live the dream they signed up to.

    When you find yourself in a jam like this
    it's best to get help to accomplish the
    dream but sadly it seems that most don't.

    For the price of a tank of fuel (approx.) I
    can develop and start a unique heavy duty
    mark.eting campaign that will start to
    generate you up to 20 paid_sign/ups right

    Simply buy a 80USD test d/base from us and
    promote to it using techniques we will
    teach you, cultivate it and reap the
    ultimate in rewards - sign/ups.

    We've done it before.

    If you are finding it hard to pro.mote and
    ea.rn_money from your business or simply
    want to ea.rn_more email me and we can get
    started right away -

    Send an email to with
    the word "me.ntor_me" in the subject line
    and your name and URL in the email message.

    You will be sent a great response as soon
    as possible.

    If you would like to be r'moved from this please reply to this email and insert
    "RMOVE" in the subject line.

    Teem_Curtis T.C.M.
    255, Chremma House,
    14 London Road,
    GU1 2AG
    Great Britain

    Thank you
    Teem_Curtis T.C.M.

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