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SDP> Re: IPP> Charter eyeglasses

Scott Isaacson (
Fri, 17 Apr 1998 01:16:37 -0600

Thanks to Bob and Harry for these very reasonable, rationale points.
My comments below are just 100% percent endorsements of their comments.

>>> Robert Herriot <robert.herriot@Eng.Sun.COM> 04/16/98 01:40PM >>>
> I agree with Scott's interpretation. I think we chartered IPP to =
> communication among clients, servers and printers, not just between =
> users and print servers.

> I am concerned that SDP is a big mistake and will create yet another=20
> protocol, incompatible with all others including IPP. I think that it =
> reasonable to borrow ideas from other protocols, such as TIPSI, but I =
> we should continue along the IPP path we started.

SDP is a big mistake if it is not IPP with enhancements or it is
not the ALREADY STANDARD SDP: TIPSI. If neither IPP nor
TIPSI could not be enahanced to meet whatever the needs of a
server to device protocol, then what makes someone thing that they
can get a group of company reps together, start from scratch, and=20
get it right?! given that is what we have done several times now.

> If IPP is not a reasonable embedded solution, I wonder why we are just =
> hearing that, nearly a year after we decided on the encoding. If IPP =
> really such a bad embedded solution, perhaps we should fix it before we =
> commit to supporting it and end up with support for both IPP and SDP.

I feel that it is a reasonable embedded solution. Any "fixes" are just =
part of the
process now to move IPP/1.0 to 1.1 and beyond.