Semantic Model Mail Archive: SM> FinishingAtributes vs. page

Semantic Model Mail Archive: SM> FinishingAtributes vs. page

SM> FinishingAtributes vs. page control

From: TAYLOR,BOB (HP-Vancouver,ex1) (
Date: Thu Oct 17 2002 - 18:59:55 EDT

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    Hi all,

    I got hit with another question internally that I couldn't answer.
    Currently, the
    following attributes are all in the finishing group:

                            <xsd:element ref="Copies" minOccurs="0"/>
                            <xsd:element ref="PageOverride" minOccurs="0"
                            <xsd:element ref="PagesPerSubset" minOccurs="0"
                            <xsd:element ref="PageRanges" minOccurs="0"

    It seems to us that you would really want these at a higher level - e.g.,
    ought to be able to select PageRanges for an imposition, etc. The way it's
    currently structured, it appears that these would only apply to things in
    finishing group - are we reading this correctly?

    Along these lines - do these attributes really live in a new object sitting
    inside documentprocessingattributes that allows us to select
    overrides, ranges, etc.) and apply any of the rendering/imposition/finishing
    attributes against? This would be something along the line of JDF runlists.
    Or - do we just say that these kinds of jobs are outside the scope of the


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