UPD Mail Archive: UPD> RE: PWG-ANNOUNCE> vote on UPDF Charter

UPD Mail Archive: UPD> RE: PWG-ANNOUNCE> vote on UPDF Charter

UPD> RE: PWG-ANNOUNCE> vote on UPDF Charter

Sandra Matts (sandram@boi.hp.com)
Thu, 5 Nov 1998 10:35:17 -0700

I also like the additional goal text so I will add and repost the


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I like the charter, but I also like (and recommend) Stuarts suggestion to
tighten up the goals. Stuart has done such a great job articulating these that
I nominate him for editor! '-)

Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems

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Subject: Re: PWG-ANNOUNCE> vote on UPDF Charter


Although there is good descriptive text in the Abstract, in my opinion, the
bulleted goals are too nebulous. Hopefully, the the UPDF work will result
in reduced development time, simplified installation, etc. but I believe
the listed goals should be more definite, describing what will actually be
created by the effort, such as:

Goals of UPDF:
* To define a universal printer description file format that enables a
printer driver to configure itself based on the unique printer
* To design or specify a description format that can be used by multiple
operating systems.
* To enable dynamic configuration of printers via bi-directional communication
of configuration information.
* To support the largest possible number of existing printers.
* To provide extremely flexible mechanisms for extensibility to enable support
for as yet unimagined printers and features.

Since this effort used to be called Universal Printer Driver, perhaps it would
also be useful to include some more descriptive text in addition to the
currently terse "Also out of scope is the definition of the Universal Printer
Driver", stating how this effort may relate to a Universal Printer Driver.

Just my two cents.



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Subject: PWG-ANNOUNCE> vote on UPDF Charter
Author: Sandra Matts <sandram@boi.hp.com> at ~internet
Date: 11/3/98 2:42 PM

Hi All,
I've copied the Charter to the UPD ftp archive. Please
read it and let me know if it conveys our goal of UPDF or not.
If it you don't agree - let me know by Thursday or Friday at the latest.

If no one replies - I'm assuming the PWG Wed meeting participates will vote
affirmatively for the Charter.

Sandra Matts

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