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Mon, 14 Jun 1999 11:50:24 -0700

Item Subject: UPD> Tuesday phone conf
June 22 would work for me. I am booked June 15.

I vote for the ISO standards for language/country, 3 letter codes.

I have no opinion on font metrics.

Here is what I wrote down so far for the implementor's guide.

No UI controls are required in the UPDF.
The driver implementers may choose to implement whatever controls he

Dynamic nature of the UPDF file. The driver implemter should be aware
that the UPDF file reflect the current configuration, and may change
as accessories are added or deleted. The frequency of update is not
specified, but should be reasonable.

Mapping of UPDF language_country codes to operating systems.

Ben Brezinski

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Subject: UPD> Tuesday phone conf
Author: sandram-at-boi (sandram@boi.hp.com) at HP-Vancouver,shargw1
Date: 6/11/99 9:01 AM

Hi All,
I'm trying to set up a phone conf for either next Tuesday
or the following Tuesday. The two dates are:

June 15 10-12 am Pacific or
June 22 10-12 am.

agenda so far:

Process for moving open issues to closed.

Locale: Proposal is to use the ISO standards for language / country. Upd
ate on
2 or three letter acronym. Look at creating actual XML for Locale and De
Paper Handling for UPDF spec.

PDL registration and specification

Font metrics

List of things to go into implementor's guide so far.

If people have a strong opinion of which Tuesday to hold the phone conf.
reply to this email. Otherwise I will pick one.

Sandra Matts

Sandra Matts
Engineer Scientist
(208) 396-4755 phone
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