UPD Mail Archive: FW: UPD> Tuesday phone conf

UPD Mail Archive: FW: UPD> Tuesday phone conf

FW: UPD> Tuesday phone conf

Sandra Matts (sandram@boi.hp.com)
Mon, 14 Jun 1999 13:45:43 -0600

ok so I left out a few details.

access code: 058459494

Sandra Matts

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And the number is.......?

Ben B

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Subject: RE: UPD> Tuesday phone conf
Author: sandram-at-boi (sandram@boi.hp.com) at HP-Vancouver,shargw1
Date: 6/11/99 1:02 PM

We will have the phone conference on June 22 10-12am Pacific.


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Subject: UPD> Tuesday phone conf

Hi All,
I'm trying to set up a phone conf for either next Tuesday
or the following Tuesday. The two dates are:

June 15 10-12 am Pacific or
June 22 10-12 am.

agenda so far:

Process for moving open issues to closed.

Locale: Proposal is to use the ISO standards for language / country. Upd
ate on
2 or three letter acronym. Look at creating actual XML for Locale and De
Paper Handling for UPDF spec.

PDL registration and specification

Font metrics

List of things to go into implementor's guide so far.

If people have a strong opinion of which Tuesday to hold the phone conf.
reply to this email. Otherwise I will pick one.

Sandra Matts

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