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From: Norbert Schade (nschade@xionics.com)
Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 15:12:22 EDT

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    I thought about it a while after HP's statement to step back from the chair.
    For better readability I add the original WinWord file, which is the same

    UPDF marketing and development directions
    as considered by Norbert Schade, Oak Imaging Group

    How much do companies want to be involved?
     Actions
      Always be on top of the information level
       New development
       Competion
      Provide Christmas wish list
      Provide problem list
      Become an expert for discussions
       PDLs
       Operating systems
       Driver delevopment concepts (PPD, GPD, etc.)
       Specification issues (XML, stylesheets, etc.)
      Contribute to specification
      Provide feedback
     Companies
      Hewlett-Packard
      Canon
      Oak Technologies
      others

    Development of a Universal Printer Data Format
     Develop sections of the spec
      Commit to it in a list attached with a schedule
     Provide section-wise explanations in the spec about the way a driver is
    supposed to use the data.
     Provide section-wise explanations in the spec why the data is specified as
    it is.
     Feedback
      Regular representatives of meetings
      Experts at home
      Subscribers (publish and set schedules)
      Other companies contacted by the group (like font companies some months
     Compare with existing standards regularly

    Results of a UPDF development other than the format itself
     Develop a Universal Font Description Format as a 100 percent subsection of
     Prove problem awareness
     Prove solution expertise
     Isolate and discuss common driver development problem areas
     Be a contact to operating system developers
      Provide a list of useful and required extensions to existing develoment
    systems (e.g. spooler requirements like job respool or page order).
      Recommend certain driver conceptional approaches
     Be a contact to application developers
      Recommend certain handling of driver features (e.g. duplex)

    A UPDF spec will be written at least three times
     As a draft
     After the expert check
     During driver development

    The UPDF group has to decide about its future.
    If Hewlett-Packard is no more interested in playing a major role (completely
    independent from the person Sandra Matts) concerning the spec and a driver,
    this would be a serious political indication.
    If not more people become active developers of the spec and generally
    support the group, we have to ask ourselves about productivity and
    determination. This includes the establishment of experts in the group and
    in the background of the group.
    We need at least a full day (eight hours) meeting time.
    A smaller requirement is that we need a XML consultant.

    Finally I think the chair is a more personal decision. First we have to care
    for some productive conditions of the group. I hope we can see some more
    signs of devotion to the job by more people. Otherwise credibility will
    become a problem.


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