UPD Mail Archive: RE: UPD> agenda for UPDF meeting

UPD Mail Archive: RE: UPD> agenda for UPDF meeting

RE: UPD> agenda for UPDF meeting

From: Farrell, Lee (lfarrell@cissc.canon.com)
Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 17:14:53 EDT

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    Since you have announced that this will be your last meeting as Chair, we
    should probably include an agenda item to address the future of the group

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    Subject: UPD> agenda for UPDF meeting

            I am soliciting agenda items for the New York meeting.

            I know at the last meeting we wanted to continue discussing
    fonts. Are there any specific font items?

            Is there anything else that people want to talk about. There
    were a few threads about adding the PDL strings to the UPDF file.
    If someone has some XML for that - let me know.


    Sandra Matts
    Engineer Scientist
    (208) 396-4755 phone

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