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From: Carl Kugler (kugler@us.ibm.com)
Date: Mon Mar 05 2001 - 11:20:10 EST

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       Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2001 11:57:55 -0600
       From: Thomas Hubbell <thubbell@compumetric.com>

       Mark Pruett wrote:
    > It looks like gpr is segfaulting when it attempts to return from
    > the fill_option_menus() routine. This usually indicates that
    > some statement within fill_option_menus() has trashed the
    > stack (and the function's return address). I'm trying to discover
    > exactly where this is happening now.

       I figured out what the problem is. I've actually seen this before, to
       tell you the truth. The problem is that gpr has a static array for the
       number of menu items in the Paper size menu. It's set at 45, but the ppd
       has 52 or so entries for page size.

       I doubt that the printer actually supports this many paper sizes
       "officially", but the gs/stp driver may have other capabilities.

    Epson printers are quite happy to take any size you give it, as long
    as it's within bounds. We went and scrounged just about everything we
    could find, and wound up with over 100 defined sizes.

       So, a quick fix to increase the array size will solve this problem. But,
       I wonder when we'll encounter another printer that supports 75 media

    Any of the large format printers probably do.

       Now, the foomatic PPDs may work perfectly well, but they may not
       necessarily be what you (or HP) want. It seems to me that these
       PPDs all contain UIOptions that conform directly to what the gs
       driver supports. Therefore, they will contain a variety of
       "esoteric" entries that some users may not know how to handle
       (Floyd-Steinberg dithering, for example). HP may prefer to create a
       PPD that has entries that are much closer to the windows drivers
       (i.e., "Best", "Normal", and "Draft" versus "1,200 x 1,200 dpi",
       "600 x 600 dpi", "300 x 300 dpi"). The PPD structure would allow
       you to combine several of the driver options into one setpagedevice
       command, creating something equivalent to a "Normal" mode, for
       instance. In this case, vendor-supplied PPDs would probably be
       desirable, as they (or one of their contractors) could best
       determine what constitutes these various modes.

    Again, like I said earlier -- be careful. A vendor supplied PPD with
    a vendor supplied driver is fine, but generally you want the PPD to
    match up with what whoever wrote the driver intended. That said, stp
    has a huge variety of options, and that's only going to get more so
    over time, but a lot of these options will be really obscure and only
    intended for people who really want to experiment

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