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From: Hastings, Tom N (hastings@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Date: Mon Mar 05 2001 - 13:18:35 EST

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    Just to be clear, neither alternatives (a) or (b) that I suggested in the
    original mail change the current D0.3 syntax for the Media Size Self
    Describing Name format which is (using the notation in the D0.3 version):

         prefix - mediaName . widthDim - lengthDim

    Alternative (b) would add a syntax for Media Names which includes the Media
    Type Name followed by the Media Size Self Describing Name. I also change
    the suggestion for the Media Name syntax slightly to put the 'na-' as part
    of the Self Describing Media Size Name field, instead of in front of
    everything, i.e.,:

         mediaTypeName . prefix - mediaName . widthDim - lengthDim

    instead of:

         prefix - mediaTypeName . mediaName . widthDim - lengthDim

    ISSUE: Should we use real ABNF for defining the syntax?


    Media Size Self Describing Name (from current draft and with either
    alternative a or b):


    Media Name (if alternative b is added to the draft):



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    Subject: IPP> PWG Media Size Standardized Names ISSUE: media type of

    For discussion about the "PWG Media Size Draft standard", D0.3, on the
    mailing list and the UPDF and IPP WG meetings, Monday, March 5, and
    Wednesday-Thursday, March 7-8. Please discuss this fundamental issue at the
    upcoming meetings. Someone take good notes, since neither Ron nor I will be
    able to attend.

    Summary of issue:

    The current draft contains sizes that are independent of media type, except
    for envelopes. For each of the envelope sizes the draft includes two names,
    one without '-envelope' and one with '-envelope' with the same dimensions
    and says that the names with '-envelope' also imply a media type of

    Possible Solutions:

    a. "Media Size Standardized Names" - current title
    The standard should be completely independent of media type but indicate
    that the size names do NOT imply media type. However, the standard should
    include all sizes, even those that are primarily suited for a single media
    type, such as envelopes, as well as sizes for any other media types, such as
    stationery, labels, business cards, postcards, etc.

    b. "Media Size, Media Type, and Media Standardized Names"
    Same as (a), but add (1) Media Type Names to the standard as a separate part
    and (2) a way to combine Media Type Names and Media Size Names into Media
    Names using '.' as a field separator.

    We have at least six other standards that will use the results of this PWG
    standard. Here is how these other standards would use alternatives (a) and

                               Media Size Media Type Media
                               Name Name Name
                               (a and b) (b) (b)
    Printer MIB:
    prtInputMediaName (App C) x
    prtInputMediaType x
    Appendix B x

    "media" attribute x could x

    PWG IEEE/ISTO 5100.3:
    "media-type" in "media-col" x

    IPP FAX:
    "media" attribute x

    MediaType parameter x
    MediaSize parameter x

    hopefully the same as UPnP

    Detailed Discussion:
    The D0.3 Draft has the following paragraph in the Scope section

    1.1 Scope
    This document defines media sizes only. Other media attributes such as
    color, type, or weight are not included. One exception is the inclusion of
    the media type of 'envelope.' Since many envelope sizes are unique and
    envelopes have very special physical characteristics which requires special
    handling and printing formats, this attribute is included with the size.

    I suggest that having this exception for envelopes will cause confusion.
    The control of media type should be independent wherever Media Size Names
    are used. For example, I might want to specify a stationery media type that
    is any envelope size in order to proof my envelope printing. Also I might
    want to specify an envelope media to be a stationery media size.

    For protocols in which the Media Type and Media Size are independent, such
    as the Printer MIB and UPnP, having this exception for envelope sizes will
    cause problems. Which takes precedence, if say, the Media Type is
    'stationery' but the Media Size Name is, say 'iso-b4-envelope.2500-3530'?

    For protocols where the same attribute can take on Media Names and Media
    Size Names, such as IPP, having Size Names that are the same as Media Names
    will be ambiguous.

    In IPP, the "media" Job Template attribute takes three different kinds of
    keyword names (in the following order in Appendix C):

       Media Names:
            'iso-b4-white': Specifies the ISO B4 white medium: 250 mm x 353 mm
            'iso-b4-envelope': Specifies the ISO B4 envelope medium

       Input Tray Names:
            'top': The top input tray in the printer.

       Media Size Names:
            'iso-b4': Specifies the ISO B4 size: 250 mm by 353 mm as defined in
    ISO 216

    This issue does point out a bug in IPP Appendix C names for the North
    American keywords (but isn't for ISO and JIS names). The same keywords
    appear twice with different meanings:

       Media Names:
            'na-10x13-envelope': Specifies the North American 10x13 envelope
            'monarch-envelope': Specifies the Monarch envelope
            'na-number-10-envelope': Specifies the North American number 10
    business envelope medium

       Media Size Names:
            'na-10x13-envelope': Specifies the North American 10x13 size: 10
    inches by 13 inches
            'monarch-envelope': Specifies the Monarch envelope size (3.87 x 7.5
            'na-number-10-envelope': Specifies the North American number 10
    business envelope size: 4.125 inches by 9.5 inches

    The bug is that both the Media Names and the Media Size Names have the
    '-envelope' component in them, meaning that they are duplicate names. The
    '-envelope' should be removed from the IPP North American Media Size Name
    keywords in order to eliminate the duplicate keywords that mean different
    things. The ones with '-envelope' mean an envelope medium, the ones without
    '-envelope' mean just the size. How the media type is determined depends on
    the IPP implementation (and possibly other attributes such as the
    "media-type" member attribute of the "media-col" Job Template attribute (see
    PWG Production Printing standard, for example: IETF-ISTO 5100.3 available

    Back to the PWG Media Size Name standard D0.3:
    There is some duplication of semantics (if we agree NOT to include the
    envelope media type semantics and stick to size names only) between:

    Table 3.3 North American Standard Sheet Media Sizes AND
    Table 3.4 North American Standard Envelope Media Sizes

    and complete duplication of the ISO b and c series between:
    Table 3.5 ISO Standard Sheet Media Sizes AND
    Table 3.6 ISO Standard Envelope Media Sizes

    where the only difference in the Self Describing Name is whether or not
    there is an '-envelope' component.

    So whether we choose Alternative (a) or (b), delete Table 3.4 and Table 3.6.
    For those entries in Table 3.4 and Table 3.6 that don't have any
    corresponding size in Table 3.3 or Table 3.5, move the name to 3.3 or 3.5,
    either removing the '-envelope' or change it to 'envelope-size'. For
    example, move 'na-personal-envelope.3625-6500' to 3.3 and change its name to
    either 'na-personal.3625-6500' or 'na-personal-envelope-size.3624-6500',
    depending on which the group thinks is clearer. Same for
    'na-number-11-envelope.4500-10375', etc.

    I don't know about the Japanese and Chinese envelope sizes.

    Alternative (b) (add Media Type Names and Media Names)

    Alternative (b) needs all the same changes as alternative (a). In addition
    we would add a list of Media Type Names. Lets start with the names from the
    Printer MIB, Internet FAX, and IEEE-ISTO 5100.3 PWG Production Printing
    which includes some Media Type Names needed by UPnP:


    The syntax for Media Names could be:


    Media Names wouldn't need to be added as additional tables or table entries
    in the standard, but just a rule for generation from the MediaTypeName and
    the MediaSizeName values.



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    From: Hastings, Tom N [mailto:hastings@cp10.es.xerox.com]
    Sent: Wednesday, February 28, 2001 11:50
    To: ipp (E-mail); pwg (E-mail)
    Subject: PWG> FW: Update to Media Sizes Document (version D0.3)

    I've created a sub-directory for the PWG media-sizes project and copied D0.3
    version into it:


    I've also copied the versions of Jim Lo's original document in .doc, .pdf,
    and .html:


    Also two RFCs the deal with media from the Internet Fax group:

    RFC 2879 - Content Feature Schema for Internet Fax (V2)
    RFC 2534 - Media Features for Display, Print, and Fax



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    From: Bergman, Ron [mailto:Ron.Bergman@HITACHI-HKIS.COM]
    Sent: Friday, February 23, 2001 07:53
    Subject: Update to Media Sizes Document (version D0.3)

    I did not receive any comments on the D0.2 version, so this update only
    includes the missing paragraphs plus some corrections i discovered.

    I hope this can be reviewed in the UDPF and/or the IPP meetings in Tampa.
    Since I am not able to attend these meetings, someone needs to take good

            Ron Bergman
            Hitachi Koki Imaging Solutions

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