UPD Mail Archive: Re: UPD> open standard for locales

UPD Mail Archive: Re: UPD> open standard for locales

Re: UPD> open standard for locales

From: Jim Sommer (sommer@granitesystems.com)
Date: Thu Mar 29 2001 - 09:02:14 EST

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    I think that using the ISO abbreviations is the best way to go. My only
    preference would be that the 4 character locale code be the fist component
    instead of the last component but it doesn't make that much of a difference.

    Since I already have a list started, I will volunteer to complete the list
    and post it soon.


    At 3/28/01 03:44 PM, Norbert Schade wrote:
    >Ok, with these ones we can be sure that we are on the safe side.
    >I'd rather stay away from the Microsoft list.
    >This kind of conversion would be up to the Windows driver.
    >Looks that we go with the ISO code for the language and the ISO Code2 for
    >the country right now. Do we want to stick with it?
    >If yes, we'd want to have an entity for locales to be used as the parameter
    >in Locale_ID in our locale files.
    >These entries should look like 'Arabic - Saudi Arabia - arSA'.
    >The first two components make it easy for the human reader to select the
    >proper entry.
    >The third component of the keyword is the ISO abbreviation.
    >Our locale files have three components: a predefined identifyer "UPDF
    >Locale", a second component and the IHV component like "HP LaserJet"
    >(supposed to be used with all HP LaserJets in this sample).
    >I do not think the second component should be the first two components of
    >the language/country keyword. This could result in an unbelievable long file
    >name. So I'd appreciate to use the ISO abbreviation instead.
    >A developer editing locale files could easily detect the abbreviation from
    >the third component of the Locale_ID list.
    >this would always be a four character entry. Has even advantages when
    >This would keep us almost identical with our entity list. We'd eliminate the
    >underscore and extend the list.
    >Would be a significant step in our file naming convention.
    >I'd appreciate some short statements before we make it a rule. Hope to
    >confirm that tomorrow as well as the PDL per UPDF description.
    >Norbert Schade
    >BTW: Assuming we will not get serious complaints about the above option who
    >can quickly assemble the three-component list as described??? Let's say
    >somewhere next week when confirmed tomorrow?

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