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UPD Mail Archive: UPD> duplex

UPD> duplex

From: Norbert Schade (norbertschade@oaktech.com)
Date: Tue May 01 2001 - 11:19:56 EDT

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    Is there any request to support an EventHandler for duplex, which would specify the order of some device actions.
    With an EventHandler a developer could freely specify the following order of events:
    1. prints page 2
    2. turns media
    3. prints page 1
    or any other order.

    A simplified implementation (my favorite) would be an attribute DuplexProcessing with parameters like 'prints page 2 first, flipped once'. The point here is more to pre-define the necessary parameters (input appreciated).

    A third option could be, we ignore that completely (you hear my grumbling) as it certainly will not change the print file. It would only have a specific UI representation, if some driver decides to show something like a paper path or at least its results (media is flipped once only, so you better feed it the other way, if it's coated'.

    It is certainly a fact that not all devices handle duplex the same way mechanically and memory-wise.

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