UPD Mail Archive: Re: UPD> upcoming conferences

UPD Mail Archive: Re: UPD> upcoming conferences

Re: UPD> upcoming conferences

From: don@lexmark.com
Date: Thu Aug 16 2001 - 13:34:35 EDT

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    Currently there are no plans to have a December meeting in LA. That was
    tentatively cancelled several meetings ago and there have been no efforts to
    revive it.

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    "Norbert Schade" <norbertschade%oaktech.com@interlock.lexmark.com> on 08/16/2001
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    To: "UPD group" <upd%pwg.org@interlock.lexmark.com>
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    Subject: UPD> upcoming conferences

    I'd like to get an overview what meetings the UPDF may have in the medium-term
    It looks, as if this is the draft plan of PWG (schedule and locations may
    October 2001 (could be Seattle)
    December 2001 (Los Angeles)
    January 2002 ( could be Hawaii)
    March 2002 (could be Florida)

    Seeing the current level of the spec and the ongoing development it seems very
    reasonable to me to meet in October 2001.
    It is not planned to meet in Los Angeles. This could change on request or if we
    see more companies working on host implementations.
    The UPDF group will not be in Hawaii.
    We may have one or two teleconferences in the December/January time frame
    We'll most likely will meet in March 2002.

    Any comments? I'd like to give Don Wright some indications late today for his
    scheduling work.

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