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UPD> next steps

From: Norbert Schade (norbertschade@oaktech.com)
Date: Wed Aug 22 2001 - 11:11:34 EDT

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    We are currently working in four areas:
    1. Learn and understand the advantages/disadvantages we got with the switch from dtd to xml schemas.
    During this process we will do further clean-up like moving all enumerations to the 'UPDF Data Types.xsd'.
    Although we are not using a UPDF namespace yet, I think keeping this external schema on the highest possible level is the first and major step to a namespace.
    2. Learn about the different environment conditions while implementing the UPDF concept on the host. This is the biggest task at the moment and needs our full concentration.
    We have to think about the needs of an easy host implementation without loosing the guidance we have to provide to the people eventually writing the device descriptions.
    3. Continue with the sample implementations.
    We have to polish up some details. Not all defaults are set yet, etc.
    4. Review some structures.
    Event handlers, raster graphic and color are our focus here right now.

    While 1 and 3 are more editorial changes, which just need some time, items 2 and 4 require serious effort.

    Expect a series of small emails next days at least in the first three sections. Especially if you think about implementing UPDF on a host in the near future, you may want to be involved in discussions on item 2!
    The process we are going through with our first Windows and Linux implementations is painful, but keep in mind that we try to get as many obstacles as possible out of the way for future development. So you may want to suffer with us and bring in your view for the best solution.

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