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Re: UPD> variable entries in attributes

From: Jim Sommer (jsommer@bellatlantic.net)
Date: Fri Sep 28 2001 - 12:02:16 EDT

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    We've done a great job of making elements and attributes consistent. As I
    write my UPDF parser, I've found it very easy to generalize all the print
    media handling selections except for copies and zooming. These two are just
    different so we might as well just deal with them differently and in the
    clearest way we can.

    I think we should add the elements MinimumValue, MaximumValue,
    IncrementValue, and CommandSequence_ID to MediaCopiesList and
    MediaZoomingByPercentageList. We can then delete the elements MediaCopy and
    MediaPercentage. Finally, MediaCopiesList should be renamed MediaCopies and
    MediaZoomingByPercentageList should be renamed MediaZoomingByPercentage.

    I agree that we should change all enums so that they use the same
    predefined value ("proprietary-value") to indicate that a proprietary value
    is provided. This is another good step towards constistency.

    I think defaults should be done by unique ID except for copies and zooming.
    A unique ID just doesn't make sense so lets just specify the integer value.

    Finally, I propose that we create unique names for all values we want to
    use with defaults and interdependencies instead of using the dot syntax we
    previously discussed. It accomplishes the same thing but in a much more
    readable format. For instance lets just say that COPIES is used to specify
    the default value for copies in addition to being the name used in
    interdependencies when checking or setting values. This list makes it clear
    to both the UPDF creator and the UPDF driver what can be controlled.

    Since I've started talking about interdependencies, I'd also like to
    propose that our conditions be limited to "equal" and "not equal". I
    believe that all conditions can still be covered this way and it will make
    processing the interdependencies much easier.


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