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UPD> resolution and related features

From: Norbert Schade (norbertschade@attbi.com)
Date: Sun Jul 14 2002 - 19:11:54 EDT

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    We could define a syntax for Predefined_ID/Proprietary_ID in two-dimensional features like 'keyword' + '_' + horizontal value + 'x' + vertical value (leans heavily on the standardized media names spec).
    This could be used for
    virtual units: units_7200x7200
    raster resolution resolution_600x600
    positioning positioning_300x300
    As a matter of fact we already use it for nup:
    nup nup_1x1 (new due to a change discussed in Portland, will be on the web within next days)

    would that solve everything so we could work with Predefined_ID/Proprietary_ID in all these features?

    General requirement for that kind of syntax:
    1. The entry in the Predefined_ID follows the same syntax as the entry in the Proprietary_ID.
    2. For positioning we cannot generally expect that a positioning command specifies both the horizontal and vertical dimension. So we have to tell about omissions. The simplest rule might be that the 'x' must be there, the value not necessarily. That would allow 'positioning_300x300', 'positioning_300x' as well as 'positioning_x300'.

    Another thought:
    We might remove the feature device resolution completely from our standard, as we consider it a generic feature. Drivers really don't use it for rendering, only for sending a JCL command to the device. Drivers don't even really save it in any kind of device capabilities structure other than just storing the last UI setting. And we could as well do some calculation in the command sequences, if the device resolution is 1200dpi and the raster resolution is 600dpi so that the positioning parameter has be multiplied by 2, as any value coming from the application/system will be based on the raster resolution.
    The fact that some raster resolutions only go with certain device resolutions, is a matter of dependencies and simple.


    Norbert Schade
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