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UPD> Re: Sample UPDF Driver

From: Jim Sommer (sommer@granitesystems.com)
Date: Fri Sep 27 2002 - 09:55:53 EDT

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    Presets are composite features that do not have a dominant feature. In my
    example, I have two of these - N-Up and Reports. N-Up has two
    records/settings - American 9-Up and Japanese 9-Up. Reports has one
    record/setting - Department. Select a preset in the Presets list box. The
    combo box below will then contain the records/settings for the preset.
    Choose the setting and select the Apply Preset button. This will set the
    component features of the preset to their appropriate values. In the case
    of N-Up, the component features are N-up, N-up order, and N-up borders.
    Since these composites do not have a dominant feature, all the component
    features are still separately selectable on the Features tab.

    The Composites tab is used to manage all composite features. Using this tab
    you can view the component settings for each record/setting of the
    composite feature. If a composite feature is user extensible, you can add
    user defined records to the composite or modify and delete previously
    defined user records. You cannot modify or delete composite feature records
    that are defined in the device description or user policy XML.

    The two blank buttons are a bug, I'll fix that. From within an application,
    only the View button should be visible. From Document Defaults (2000) or
    Printing Preferences (XP) from the Printers window, you will see New, Edit,
    and Delete buttons.

    The Features tab is where you can view and set individual features. When
    you apply a preset on the Presets tab, the component settings are reflected
    on the Features tab. To change a feature, select the feature in the
    Features list box. The combo box below will then contain the
    records/settings for the selected feature.

    Norbert's Media is a composite feature with media size as its dominant
    feature. In the device description this composite is named Media but the
    user policy file renames it to Norbert's Media. Since this composite has a
    dominant feature, the composite is displayed in place of the dominant
    feature (instead of on the Presets tab) and all components are hidden (they
    are no longer separately selectable). The Norbert's Media composite feature
    is user extensible so you can define new records using the Composites tab.
    These new records will then be displayed for the composite on the Features tab.

    I hope this explanation along with sample help you to understand the
    composite feature concept and the difference between the two types (with
    and without a dominant feature). Let me know if you have any other questions.


    PS I copied the mailing list on this response in case anyone else has the
    same or similar questions.

    At 9/27/2002 09:08 AM, you wrote:

    >I installed and have started to play with this sample. It definitely
    >helps to illustrate some of the UPDF capabilities concepts!
    >Some questions/comments:
    > * What are "presets"? (It's not obvious from the print dialog what
    > this tab is meant to contain)
    > * On the Composites tab, there are two unlabeled buttons, above and
    > below the View button. Is this intentional or am I missing something?
    > * It's not clear how I select a composite. On the Composites tab N-UP
    > and American 9 Up are displayed, but when I click on the features tab it
    > shows Norbert's Media and Stationery Letter from Tray 1 as the first
    > feature. Which one is my current selection and how do I change it?
    > * Regards,
    > * Alan Hlava
    > * IBM Printing Systems Division
    > * hlava@us.ibm.com

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