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UPD> UPDF Specification

From: Norbert Schade (norbertschade@comcast.net)
Date: Sat Jan 17 2004 - 15:26:29 EST

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    This last week we concentrated on the UPDF Specification. It's called version 0.90 now.
    A few minutes ago I updated the PDF file on the UPDF site.
    I also updated the UPDF site and changed the layout a bit to follow the current PWG standard.
    I also updated all UPDF schema and instance files at the proper locations.

    The specification experienced major changes:
    - Layout
    - - Adjusted to follow the PWG Semantic Model
    - - All schema elements and attributes are listed, most of them are explained.
    - - All elements are properly numbered, which was a problem for a long time.
    - Content
    - - We got rid of some old DTD section and added some general introductions.
    - - Quite a number of elements and attributes got a new or updated description. One of the main changes is the replacement of the Predefined_ID and Proprietary_ID with the new ClassifyingID.

    Please follow the links from the UPDF web site and check it out.
    Norbert Schade

    Norbert Schade
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