UPD Mail Archive: UPD> further deployment of key/keyref

UPD> further deployment of key/keyref

From: Norbert Schade (norbertschade@comcast.net)
Date: Mon Feb 02 2004 - 10:26:50 EST

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    The idea of UPDF is not only to provide proper structures to describe a printer with all his options and features, but to help a description developer as much as possible with creating the describing UPDF instances.

    That's one of the reasons we spent quite some time on investigating the power of the key/keyref elements.

    We do use that at a number of places to ensure that somebody really makes a reasonalbe entry. We already used it for the NonDominantFeature attribute.
    Sample are: DominantFeature, SetFeature, FeatureCondition in dependencies.
    We hope this helps description developers - as it helped us.

    As a follow-up we could expunge some data types (Feature, FeatureID), which are now managed with more flexibility by the keys.

    Norbert Schade

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