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UPD> GenericFeature extension

From: Norbert Schade (norbertschade@comcast.net)
Date: Mon Feb 02 2004 - 10:34:06 EST

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    We extended the GenericFeature feature.
    You now can not only define a feature with a predefined list of settings, but with variable settings as well.
    Check the VariableValue element for that.
    We also added an optional ClassifyingID attribute to the record. This allows it to use some meaningful entry in case you want to prepare it for bi-directional communication.
    So you could name a feature with an element name of the Semantic Model and use strings of well known values of the Semantic Model in the ClassifyingID.

    This provides the level of flexibility we want to have with the GenericFeature.

    Norbert Schade

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