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UPD> 2 of 3 issues resolved - down to the last

From: Norbert Schade (norbertschade@comcast.net)
Date: Fri Feb 06 2004 - 13:20:58 EST

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    Items 1 and 3 are finished.

    1. we checked the data types, whether they should be open to the description developer for almost arbitrary editing. we are working with a lot of patterns, partly pwg patterns, partly updf patterns.

    3. we did a lot of renaming, but no structural changes were necessary.
    files are not yet on the web. we'll do that over the weekend.

    Leaves us with the finishing features.
    ONE TO GO!

    Norbert Schade

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    Of all the requests, wishes and personal notes we have come down to three related open items, all in the area of trying to align as well as possible to the Semantic Model.

    1. Check, if the description developer shall be enabled to define unique values for various features.
    The Semantic Model seems a bit more restrictive than we have been in the past.

    2. Check the finishing features.
    While we have defined special features in UPDF, there is more one 'covers-it-all' feature in the Semantic Model.

    3. Do a final check of element, attribute and data type names.

    This is it!
    We are working hard to close these three items during this week.
    That would bring us to a level 0.95 of the specification.
    If anybody has any requests for version 1 of the standard, this is the time to come forward.
    We will soon enter the phase of last calls.

    Major implementations during the last months have been
    - merge Predefinid_ID and Proprietary_ID to one ClassifyingID and related changes.
    - rename and adjust elements, attributes and data types compliant to the Semantic Model.
    - implement key/keyref elements to further help the description developer.
    - some optimizations on the composite and generic features.
    - a lot of little things based on feedback and notes we had.

    The specification document is on the same level as the schemas.
    The layout is finished. Proper headings and numbering done.
    The UPDF.xsd master schema shows the exact order of elements as in the specification.
    The specification is showing the complete structure of all schemas. Various sections have to be further explained.

    The sample are consistent with the schemas.
    All sample are validated with the current schemas.
    We will likely extend the samples to a full features device description for one device.
    However the current version demonstrates all aspects of the standard.

    Norbert Schade

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