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XP Mail Archive: XP> New XHTML-Print Version

XP> New XHTML-Print Version

From: Farrell, Lee (Lee.Farrell@cda.canon.com)
Date: Wed May 29 2002 - 16:21:57 EDT

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    Please find attached an initial proposal draft that is intended to follow up on the presentation I gave at the last meeting.

    Although the draft is not yet complete, the document structure and the partial content should provide adequate insight into what Canon proposes as a change to the existing specification. A more complete proposal is expected, but I thought it was important to give an impression of our intent as soon as possible.

    [My apologies that the proposal was not published in XHTML format.]

    To summarize the highlights,
    1) The intent is to describe X-P as a composition of 4 components:
         base element
         base style
         additional style
         image rotation

    2) Only the "additional (CSS) styles" are listed in the document.
        The minimum requirement for "base element" and "base style"
        are references to XHTML Basic and CSS Mobile.

    3) We are open to referencing an alternative "base" CSS that the group
       feels is more suited for printing, if it seems appropriate
       (i.e., CSS-Print could be referenced instead of Mobile.) The major
       goal is modularization and reference to W3C-based standards.

    Lee Farrell
    Canon Development Americas
    110 Innovation Drive
    Irvine, CA 92612
    (949) 856-7163 - voice
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